Sometimes, we watch or hear about small, medium and large earthquakes. We know that after the quakes happened but we can not notice them. There are certain causes of earthquakes. Numerous people are living in places prone to earthquakes with destructive effects of earthquake.

The fact is that the earthquake can happen anywhere at any time. Mostly, people are not aware of when the earthquakes would hit. It happens without any warnings. For those who lived in earthquake vulnerable places, preparing for the event can be essential to make them steps ahead of the danger. Because the earthquake is unpredictable, that makes people unprepared for the earthquakes.

A tremor or earth quake can destroy houses, land and everything. It can cause Tsunami as well. Destruction could be worth billions of dollars. Loss of lives can be high. The earthquake mitigation also is a must. That is because many people do not know when the big tremor and its impact would happen.

So, many people in countries prone to earthquakes have been affected by earthquake and its hazards such as tsunami, landslide and so on. There had been more than hundreds of thousand of people affected. Earthquakes does not kill but houses and buildings collapsed that kill humans. The causes of the huge loss of lives and devastation can be due to houses that are not resistant against earthquakes.

The most dangerous environment to the earthquake and the earthquake hazard is in the Pacific region. Earthquakes are very frequent in countries located around the Pacific "Ring of Fire". Subduction zones are one of the most dangerous locations because it can cause powerful earthquakes as well as tsunami that caused devastation everywhere. Tsunamis can hit coast areas and wipe out countries in the coast.  

Disaster mitigation can be made to be more enhanced. Buildings, infrastructure, public facilities, and energy facilities have to be resistant against earthquakes. Saving plan should be made in order to minimize injuries, damage and casualties. Early detection for an earthquake and its hazard should be maximized before the big event of earthquake happen in populated countries around the world which are most earthquake-prone near the Pasific basin where earthquakes and volcanoes happen.

Currently, there were more and intense earthquakes happened than in the past. People need to be more prepared towards the event of earthquakes that could be dangerous and deadly resulting in devastation and death. People who travel to places prone to earthquakes should be aware of effects of earthquakes on humans. It is the preparation and mitigation that should be known for preventing the danger of phenomenon of earthquakes. 


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