6.5 Magnitude Aceh Earthquake In 2016

2016 aceh earthquake

In December, there was deadly earthquake in Aceh province. 2016 Aceh earthquake caused broad damages on buildings, houses as well as mosques and killed at least 100 casualties. These damages caused by a severe 6.4 Magnitude earthquake in the month of December, 07 in 2016 in Aceh, a region in the Northern Sumatra island that was historically hit by 2004 Indian Ocean 9.1 magnitude earthquake and Tsunami that killed more than 220 million people lives, also in the same month of December. This earthquake was caused by strike-slip fault. The fault was thought to be Samalanga-Sipopok fault line extended from Southwest to Northeast direction.

2016 aceh earthquake

The vast damage was caused by the shallow depth of the Aceh Earthquake. The depth of the Aceh earthquake was only 8.2 kilometer (released by National Climatology and Meterology Bureau). It happened around 5 AM in the morning local time on Aceh’s regency, Pidie Jaya. Aceh is located on the North tip of Sumatra Island. The 6.4 size of earthquake’s epicenter was in Reuleut, a place on Pidie Jaya regency, 100 kilometer of the the capital of Aceh, Banda Aceh. It is small place on the East side of the Aceh Province.

As many as more than a thousand people got injured and more than ten thousand people were relocated of their houses forcing them to camp outside. When the disaster happened, many people rushed out of the houses and many people scared recalling in the memory of the past 9.1 Magnitude earthquake and tsunami tragedy in 2004.

There is no Tsunami Threat on 2016 Aceh Earthquake

There was no threat of tsunami as it struck on the mainland of Sumatra. Vast majority of people were sleeping when the Aceh earthquake disaster happened on Wednesday’s early morning. The disaster management official statement was that the strength of the quake could be equal to 1945 Hiroshima nuclear bombing.

The region location is prone to earthquake. The Indonesia islands are located on Ring of fire, Pacific basin of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Although the casualties of the disaster were known, the death toll may continue to rise as the evacuation was still ongoing. As this article was written, there were at least 102 people died from Wednesday morning earthquake. Many building were damages, and people died by the flattened houses. There were estimated about 200 houses were damaged and destroyed mostly in Pidie regency and also at least ten mosques were damaged. Roads and streets also were cracked. The people scared out and felt that the earthquake was stronger than the 2004 earthquake.

Strike-slip fault is a side by side deformation of land sediment. The fault plane slide horizontally because of slip of the rock that caused the quake. In geologic term, fault is a land deformation as fault plane slide vertically and horizontally. There are many fault lines in the Pacific basic. The fault line can be seen on the map that may be located near or far from the tectonic plates edge. This is a tragedy for all people over the world. Many condolences were sent by the leaders of nations around the world. This was the second tragedy of 2016 Aceh earthquake for Aceh in this century.

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