Facts Of 2016 6.2 Magnitude Italy Earthquake

2016 italy earthquakex

A large earthquake has rattled Central Italy during 2016 Italy earthquake in the day of Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 3:30 AM. With a depth as far as 5 kilometers below the ground, an earthquake of this Magnitude 6.2-6.2 occurred in the region of Italy that has a large seismic activity. Italy sits in a fault line. Adriatic plate that intersect with Eurasia plates have a dangerous type of fault that is thrust fault. Italia is part of earthquake prone cities in Europe.

2016 italy earthquakex

Landscape city in Central Italy are near the mountains. Many scores of buildings which were collapsed causing it dangerous to enter the city. Areas near the Apennine Mountains in Italy are very prone to seismic movements that is related with the European and African plates.

In 1976, earthquake created 1000 casualties in Northern Italia and the earthquake of 1980 also resulted in 3000 died in Southern Italy.

The last previous earthquake occurred in the areas near L’Aquila province in 2009, killing about 300 people and force about 60000 displaced people out of their homes.

Italy’s 2016 earthquake occurred near the city of Rome. The epicenter of the quake was located at 170 kilometers Northeast of the city of Rome. The epicenter is located in the city norcia.

Cities that have severe damage was found in Amatrice with 230 fatalities and casualties also found as many as 49 and 11 in other cities such as Arquanto del Tronto and Accumoli. Amatrice is a town as far as 105 kilometers northeast of Rome. About Amatrice in the city center has been flattenned to the ground. Other cities affected are Pescara del Tronto. In search of the dead by authorities in Italy, they has found 300 fatalities. People lost their homes due to the earthquake Italia this year was huge.

2016 Italy earthquake magnitude was the same compared to the Italian earthquake in 2009. However the city area is much smaller compared to the province of L’aquila, the earthquake-struck Italian city with the power of 6.3 magnitude in 2009. Many cities in Central Italy were severely damaged by the 6.2 magnitude earthquake. Before the earthquake struck, many cities still had beautiful scenery with many standing buildings, but now all were collapsed buildings as investigated in the 3 cities.

There were three aftershocks on Wednesday morning and evening on the size of highest Magnitude 4.2 was reported. Around places in the city were still less adapted to the dangers of natural disasters. Compared with other earthquake-prone regions such as JapanNew ZealandItaly still lags far behind in the prevention and responding in the event of earthquake. The earthquake severity would cause greater damage in areas less adapted to earthquakes.

Major cities in Italy are already adapting buildings to withstand the earthquakes, but the small town has houses aged hundred year old due to its arts and the age of the city. National funeral has been conducted with the President of Italia and the Prime Minister. However, search was done to find the missing victims of Italian earthquake.

Areas affected by the 2016 Italy earthquake on Wednesday were places really prone to earthquakes. Adaptation of the earthquake is still lacking. As a result, there were many victims in the magnitude 6.2 quake. This was really a sad situation for the people in Italia and the people that have visited Italia before. Nonetheless, Italia earthquake still left people alive among other dead people.

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