2016 Taiwan Earthquake Facts

2016 taiwan earthquake

2016 Taiwan earthquake in February 2016 can be considered to have a medium strength, which was 6.4 magnitude that precisely occurred on 6 February 2016 that killed at least a hundred of people as well as injuring hundreds. This earthquake has occurred underground with shallow focus with epicenter which was in the south west of the island of Taiwan. Furthermore, there were estimated to be 5 aftershocks occurred.

2016 taiwan earthquake

The worst earthquake affecting place was in Tainan in south west Taiwan. This place is located at a few kilometers from the epicenter precisely in the 30 miles west of the epicenter at a depth of 6 miles underground. There were a number of people which were over one hundred people killed, including others who were trapped in multistory buildings after the earthquake occurred. There were exactly a little more than a hundred or 116 people who died in the apartment building of 17 storey tower.

In the capital city in northern Taiwan, Taipei, the citizen also felt the shake which is located around 180 miles north of the epicenter of the earthquake, as well as making residents scattered in a city in the Chinese mainland crossing from Taiwan.

The cause of the earthquake is because 2016 Taiwan earthquake happened in a location between two tectonic plates where they meet. Eurasia Plate and Philippine Seaplate are tectonic plates which are responsible for the earthquake in Taiwan.

Taiwan is located in the Pacific Rim. Plate tectonics will always meet and smash which causes tension to be stored long enough. At the time the tension was big enough to break the structure of the rocks in the ground, the earthquake occurred on a fault line. Last time, a large earthquake occurred in Taiwan within 1999, roughly in the size of magnitude 7.3 that killed more than two thousand and four hundred casualties in the central state of Taiwan.

Taiwan is a small country located on the boundary of two tectonic plates that make this country is prone to earthquakes. A total of 8 cities and small cities including half the capital Taipei are at dangerous places when the earthquake occurred due to the danger of liquefaction in an earthquake.

Taiwan is a country which has the status of alert to earthquakes but lack sufficient preparation against earthquakes, especially in areas prone to earthquakes. This condition becomes visible when the Taiwan government conducted research on the region where the earthquake-prone regions included.

Experts say inspections of the areas in Taiwan are very less in comparison in earthquake-prone regions such as Japan and California. One impact of the earthquake is liquefaction when the ground move very easily resulting structures on the land be easily shaken and collapse or fall.

After the earthquake struck, Taiwan was going to conduct a research on earthquake-prone areas or areas prone to seismic hazards such as soil liquefaction. This database is used later to identify the locations, cities or small cities to lead to the preparation of the earthquake hazard.

Earthquake hazard always have a big impact around the center of the epicenter of the earthquake as an earthquake occurs on a fault line as a result of tectonic plates meet. Seismic waves caused by the collision of tectonic plates have a wide coverage as they are moving underground. 2016 Taiwan Earthquake occurred in a densely populated plain. And this earthquake is considered swallow making the earthquake more powerful that make the hard soil becomes easily moving that create structures to fall easily. Earthquakes preparation should be used to apply the seismic sensor and warning system using sound sensors making it possible for all citizens to have enough time to find a safe place.

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