4 Important Earthquake Facts For Kids And Students

earthquake safety

4 important earthquake facts for kids – earthquake is considered as one of some other natural disasters which are really dangerous with many terrible bad effects. It is then very reasonable if the people with experience of earthquake find it really traumatizing, especially the kids. However, it doesn’t mean that the kids don’t need to know anything about earthquake at all. In fact, giving right explanation regarding the earthquake and other disasters is really important. With such knowledge, it is expected that the kids become “ready” if those things happened around them. So, what are the facts of earthquake that must be taught for the kids? Here they are.

The Causes

Maybe, you should not explain the causes of earthquake too academically with those complicated theories. However, your kids still need to know the broad outline of how earthquake can be happened. In general, earthquake itself can be divided naturally into two; they are volcanic and tectonic earthquakes. Theoretically, tectonic earthquake tends to be bigger and more dangerous as it is because of the friction of earth plates where many people are living on there. It is basically a normal thing but the effects can be really terrible. Meanwhile, volcano earthquake is considered as less dangerous. But it doesn’t mean we can just underestimate it. If we live around an active volcano, it is important to be always alert. In history, it is known the eruption of Krakatau placed in Indonesia, in which the earthquake can be felt into Europe.

The Avoidances

Unlike flood or fire which comes basically because of the act of human itself, earthquake is just coming very naturally. It means we cannot do anything to avoid it. However, due to the modern technology developed nowadays, it is much easier for us to detect where and when the earthquake will be happened. It is possible also to know whether the earthquake is classified as big and dangerous or not so that we need to move on. Make sure that your kids know this matter to make them feel less worried and afraid.

The First Self-Protection

earthquake safety

Sure, this is the very important part. People including the kids may learn a lot the ways to protect themselves when there is an earthquake. Normal earthquake without side effects like Tsunami tends to be easier to handle. The simpler way is of course by immediately go outside and avoid standing near trees or buildings. If you have a front yard, it is better as it can be the best place to protect yourself. You can also imitate what Japanese do like by protect yourself under the strong table and others. So, if there are ruins, they will not fall down to your body. Also do not forget to use best earthquake kit prepared in your house.

Help Others

Another important thing if we experience earthquake and other natural disasters is being more helpful whether it is in term of energy, mind, and materials. Well, mainly if your body is quite healthy without any severe wounds or something, it is better to help others who have worse condition. Yes, in such a condition, holding hands one another is the main important thing. Sure, this is also something that kids must know and learn. So, do you agree with the 4 important earthquake facts for kids mentioned above?

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