4 Unique Northridge Earthquake Facts And Figures

4 unique northridge earthquake facts

Earthquake in Northridge is considered one of the big disaster occurred with the death toll of 72 and more than 8.700 injuries. It happened on January, 1994 at 4:30 a.m. where people commonly were still falling asleep at that time. More than that, the earthquake was quite infamous at that time as the occurrence is on Los Angeles, one of the biggest cities in USA. Despite the condolences, there are always some unique facts behind the disaster. Of course, we don’t want such a terrible thing will be happened again later. Then, here are some facts regarding the 1994 Northridge earthquake that you should know. Check 4 unique Northridge earthquake facts out.

Around 8 Seconds

ground motion

The ironic thing about earthquake is that it is commonly happened for seconds while the victims are often hundreds and even thousands. It was also what happened to the earthquake of Northridge in which it lasted only for around 8 seconds. The reverberations, on the other hand, can be felt until 30 seconds in some surrounding places. Fortunately, the fault still didn’t reach the surface of earth. It becomes one of the reasons why the damages caused are not as much as other places with the similar scale of Richter. The fault was still about 11 miles under Reseda and no one felt this until it was started to shake. It was still considered as the biggest earthquake in an urban area.

Heart Attacks

The death victims of earthquake are commonly because of the ruins of building that are on them. The people died on the earthquake in Northridge are about 72 people like it has been said before. However, 30 of them are because of the hearth attack. Meanwhile, the rest was because of the building structural and nonstructural failures, including the fallen power line electrocuting. This was actually quite saddening as it was known that people may be already unhealthy with the heart problem just before the earthquake was happened. However, it becomes more saddening since the number of died people was then added by the criminalities done after that. Yes, sixteen people were killed on the Northridge Meadows Apartment.

The campuses was damaged a lot

There was mainly a big campus on Northridge area namely Cal State Northridge campus. The campus was actually already preparing to prepare the spring semester in the next 17 days. Of course, due to the disaster, the semester cannot be started well like what it has been planned. Interestingly, the campus was decided not to cancel its academic activity. The students were still able to study under the temporary structures. Besides, there were also some classes that were held outdoors.

The Costliest USA Disaster

The earthquake of Northridge was also considered as the costliest one. It was reported that it caused around $25 billion in damage. It was so reasonable by remembering that Los Angeles is known as one of the big cities in US with many buildings and infrastructures. Some years later, Katrina Hurricane then broke the record anyway. Until now, it becomes one of the 4 unique Northridge earthquake facts remembered by people.

4 unique northridge earthquake facts

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