Earthquake Breaking News Today In California


Breaking news earthquake today California becomes one of the bad news in 2016. The earthquake hits San Fransisco, California after several signs are happening such as the ground is heavily shaking and there are big damages in many places such as streets, buildings, houses and other areas.


Although it is not big and fatal earthquake but still, it is a breaking news that everyone won’t want to hear. Luckily, there are some important messages we can learn from earthquake in California, from the government and also from the incident itself.

As a note and also to avoid the next sudden earthquake incident, maybe you need to read these things related to earthquake today in California :

  • That it is not the first earthquake disaster in California. In America, many earthquake incident happens in some districts near the coast where California becomes one of the most candidates for earthquake possibility.
  • As a note, in 2010, there was big earthquake that causes major injuries and real big damage. By these events from the past, of course the government wants to take  a big step to protect their people. It is proven when this earthquake today has no victims with major injuries (although there are several victims with minor injuries). But how government take steps to protect and help local people in fast way is a good act to know.
  • Prediction and fast information related to earthquake is also helping much to inform people about the whole possibility. They can get quick move how to prepare, protect and save themselves. Although in many cases, we can still hear stories about people don’t know how to do during the earthquake but we can learn much about how they prepare themselves from the worst risk.
  • And last but not the least, it is also an important lesson for anyone to stay calm and stop panic when there is an earthquake issue out there. Inform your family members with clear instruction about how to save themselves when the earthquake happens.
  • Also always be aware with the possibility of tsunami or other tragedies. Always remember the emergency number if you are desperately need a big help or you are getting hurt after the earthquake.

In the end, not only in California but earthquake can happen in many regions or even places we can imagine. Instruction on how to survive and help each other is really important so we can avoid the worst possibility of getting major injuries when the incident occurs. Or when you are afraid of getting house broken, you can take california earthquake insurance.

We also can learn from the government where there is fast work to help people and fix the damage. More than that, some preparation and simulation also be informed before the earthquake happens, so people can get instruction about what they should do during the earthquake. Hope we can learn much from this breaking news earthquake today California.

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