Several Breaking News Earthquake Today In Los Angeles

breaking news earthquake today los angeles

The Earth’s crust was not single from the solid mass of rock. This is derived from some parts which different sections or the tectonic plates. These plates are located in the constant motion in the upper layers of Earth’s coat. When they moving, but the plates were rubbed together, this is placing he strain on the rock. The stress was built that along with the plate’s weakest point. This is the fault that can cause the earthquake. In breaking news earthquake today Los Angeles, the earthquake becomes the natural disaster that happens in all of entire world. Usually, the earthquake also followed by the tsunami that hit the coast and able to swap out whole of city. There is no exact prediction about what the time of earthquake or what the exact locations that will attack by earthquake. However, the earthquake can be caused by several factors from nature or caused by human activity as well.

breaking news earthquake today los angeles

How is the Earthquake occurred?

The earthquake was happened when the boundaries from the Earth’s tectonic plates was bump and slide then across one to another.  Sometime, they stuck on the jagged edges that cause the earthquakes after they had released. The earthquake usually also followed by the aftershocks from the same center of earthquake.

The 4 main layers of earth is the inner core, mantle, crust and the outer core. The cryst and mantle create a skin in outside of planet, but this is not be made from the single piece. The pieces of crust and mantle that known as the tectonic plates with the outer edge in their each plate. Because every edge plates stuck each other, the rest of tectonic plates will keep moving and the energy start begin to save in the point of friction.

When the energy was handled the friction cause, all of energies were released and radiates from the center of earthquake. This wave is the energy that called as the seismic waves. They usually reach the surface of the earth where all of them start to shake. This is why several instructs that located in near epicenter will likely feel the earthquakes than the other teorities.

There are several history list of earthquake disaster in Los Angeles, some of them:

  1.  On July, 28, 2008 the earthquakewas occurred on two miles from the Chino Hills that placed in 28 miles of east southeast in Los Angeles with the depth of 9 miles and followed by the aftershock only within first two hours. This earthquake was felt in around Los Angeles Basin and most in south of California. The strong shake damage the old building in Cal State Fullerton.
  2.  On March, 28, 2014 the earthquake was occurred and that located in 1 mile of east LA Hara that around 4 miles from the north of Fullerton. The dept was 7,4 km. This earthquake was felt in around of Orange Country, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino district and Riversdie. This was preceded with the two foreshocks. There is no breaking news earthquake today Los Angeles.

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