Causes Of Earthquake In The World

causes of earthquake

Causes of earthquake sometimes need an expert to open the science of this natural disaster. Earthquake is a natural disaster that happened because of any movement in the earth’s crust which were divided into large chunk of tectonic plates that collide, smash, grind and push one to another saving tension for decades and great amount of force to break the rocks and deliver shock waves. This ruptures the rocks creating a fault line across the earth’s ground. The tremble resulted from an earthquake is precisely the same as a wave on a river or lake when a stone is thrown into the lake.

causes of earthquake

It is causing wave coming from the point of the stone drop in the lake. Earthquake can also come from the volcanic eruption or explosion but it only cause tremble near that location. Earthquake can happen in small intensity and big intensity. The larger the rupture or the slippage on the fault means the more intense the earthquake can become. The depth of the quake also determines the power of the quake, the shallow the depth means the more powerful the quake.

Discovering Causes of Earthquake

The experts of seismologist endeavored to discover the earthquake causes when an earthquake strike in a nation. The seismograph is used for earthquakes which is the type of fault such as strike slip or thrust fault. Earthquake can strike in a populated region or a nation so that all the inhabitants of the region can feel the tremble caused by the earthquake.

The earthquake is a quest for the experts to know whether the fault zone in a region has resulted the earthquake that had happened with its intensity. Because the seismic processes stores pressures that eventually become greater amount to break the fault, the type of the fault is varied. The big example of strike slip fault is San Andreas in California. That is the lengthiest fault zone. The geologists continue to seek the earthquake new fault that can be a potential threat to people in the world.

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