Causes Of Earthquakes Facts

causes of earthquakes

causes of earthquakes

What is causes of earthquakes? Earthquakes happen every day. When earthquake happen in the main city, it can create damage on the main city and the neighboring city. Earthquake can be in small magnitude, medium magnitude and large magnitude.

The causes of earthquakes can be because volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruptions sometimes deliver with quakes in the process of eruption. The most evident causes of earthquakes can be because tectonic processesthat related with edge of tectonic plates and fault movement. All of the quakes in the world were caused by this. There is seismologist that measures the earthquake.

Earthquake happen deep underground. When it happen, the location exactly the quake happen is called focus. The effect of the tremble associated with the earthquake can be massive as it deliver shock waves or seismic waves.

Geology is a study about the rocks under the ground. Earth’s layer has four level. The bottom is internal core. The second is external core. The third is mantle. And the last layer is crust. In the crust, there are divided large chunks of tectonic plates like puzzles. Tectonic plates are functioned like large conveyor belts connected with around the world. They smash, grind, subduct, push, move past each other. The core of the earth is hot magma in the internal core. The mantle layer is burned and float towards outside and cools down. They float around the crust, shift and slip each other.

When the tectonic plates move, smash each other, the tensions are accumulated and becoming greater in power that finally can break the rocks. The geology term for the break in the rocks caused the cracks or break zone called the fault. The earthquake is caused by the break along the fault. All the land that tremble is caused by the process of geology of tectonic plates underground. They smash, grind, shift, past another. While the edge of tectonic plates smash and grind, another edge also shift with different tectonic plates.

The convergence of tectonic plates boundary is at speed of some centimeters annually. Therefore, earthquakes are manifested through different rubbing of tectonic plates edge. This creates earthquakes every time. The point of earthquake happen is called focus. The shock wave has two types of wave such as P wave and S wave. P wave is primary wave which means this travel in the land and gets the land at first. In the later time, S wave which is secondary wave, travel and gets the land at second time.

Finding The Causes of Earthquakes

There are earthquakes not in years, months, weeks, days, but in matter of minutes. Everyone can discover about the source of earthquakes in the geology media or on the USGS website. If earthquakes happen in shallow focus, it can tremble the land a lot than it happen deep underground. Quakes also happen where there are barely anyone in the place.

You can feel the quake even you are far from the epicenter. It is the release of the tensions that have been saved through the tectonic plates movement. Therefore, the causes of earthquakes are about the geological process which is the break on the fault caused by movement of the tectonic plates.

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