Information On Causes Of The Haiti Earthquake

causes of the Haiti earthquake

Haiti is one of the South American countries that was exactly situated at tectonic plate boundary of North American plate as well as Caribbean plates. Haiti is located on Hispaniola countries island bordering with Dominican country where more than 50 % was belonged to Dominican Republic. Haiti was among the poorest countries in the world. What were th causes of the Haiti earthquake?

The country was used to be evidently corrupted and bribed by the governor. The development in Haiti was hindered as the economic level was not progressed over much more than one decade. Therefore the earthquake effect was tremendously huge on the people, residents and the economy.

The Haiti earthquake was taken place in the new fault line. The casualties were estimated in about 100.000 to 150.000 lives in contrast to number released by Haiti government at over 220.000. It was 7.0 magnitude. The damage included the resident houses, private and businesses services.

Haiti was actually one among the third countries around the world. In a devastating 7.0 earthquake aftermath, all the houses that were made from rubbles were ruined.

The earthquake was located near the much inhabited Haiti’s capital city, Port Au Prince which was southwest of that capital city. This quake delivered massive destruction in Haiti as well as more than 100.000 losses of lives. It was half number of casualties brought by the earthquake in South Hindia Ocean that caused tsunami wave devastating North Sumatra, Indonesia in 2004.

New Fault Line Emerged

In fact, the Haiti was situated at complex fault zones. There was no evident fault rupture in the major known fault zone therefore that could be manifested in the deep underground of The Enriquillo Plantain Garden (EPG) fault that was a locked fault that has stored pressures for the last 2.5 centuries. The amount of pressures was tremendous.

causes of the Haiti earthquake

There was a new extended fault line ruptured deep underground when 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit in Haiti’s most densed city that might be possibly triggering slippage of new fault line. The earthquake could be a sudden rupture along the fault. There was no evident of fault break in EPG fault zone. However, earthquake could happen in the slippage of the fault relating wth EPG FZ.

It was evaluated with the seismometer that there was a slippage motion of a new fault line connected to the major defined fault system. It was located on the edge of the major fault. The rupture was a total of 65 kilometers or 40 miles. The land displacement was 4 meters high (13 feet).

There were much injured people and abandoned inhabitant of the city. As well, there were massive ruined houses combined with damaged medical services, businesses and private properties. Apparently, the quake power combined with the poor constructed houses and buildings in Haiti distributed much of the terrible aftermath condition affected by the trembling of the ground.

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