Factors That Generated Chile Earthquake 2010

Chile earthquake 2010

On 27 February 2010, there was earthquake in 8.8 magnitude that hit Chile. Chile earthquake 2010 was happened in the 34 kilometers or 21 miles under the ground. The earthquake location or epicenter was on the fault line in the coastline about 317 kilometers south western side of the Santiago city that was the main city of Chile. It was situated at north of the Chile earthquake fault line in 1960.

Chile earthquake 2010

This was the second largest earthquake in Chile history which took about 480 casualties and the largest earthquake in Chile and in the world was in 9.5 magnitudethat hit the Chile region in 1960. Chile is in the zone where the largest earthquake occurred near the boundary of South American and Nazca tectonic plates. The cause of this quake was related with the type of fault that was positioned in link border of South American and Nazca tectonic plates.

The Nazca plate was moving to the east towards the South American plate. The Nazca was oceanic plate while the South America was continental plate. The Nazca plate was thrusting beneath (subducting under) the South America plate.

Chile earthquake 2010 happened because of the break on the fault where of Nazca plate subducted under the South America plate which was called thrust fault. Subduction zone was the break in the fault line that created a mega thrust earthquake. It was the second most powerful earthquake since the 2004 earthquake in Indian Ocean.

The 1960 Chile earthquake was also caused by the thrust fault. That produced the most powerful earthquake in history that happened in the south of 2010 Chile earthquake. The cause of 2010 earthquake was also the same.

The movement of the two plates converged in about 8 centimeters a year. This movement was causing the earthquake as the 1960 earthquake. Chile had a history of the country with the most powerful earthquake in the world. Earthquake with 9.5 was actually the most dangerous. The largest earthquake in the world that happened in Chile in 1960 caused approximately 1655 casualties.

With the pace of tectonic plate movement, the earthquake might be taking place in specific times that were not possible to be predicted. The last Chile earthquake 2010 was manufactured through decades of heightened stress in boundary of two locked tectonic plates of Nazca as well as South American plates that Nazca plate pushed underneath South American plate. The rupture was about 600 kilometers multiplied by 100 kilometers.

Earthquake Experience

When the earthquake occurred, there were millions of people moving out from their places. Chile had the worst experience when 9.5 magnitude earthquake hit their mainland in 1960. In 2010, individuals in Chile that were dead was less than a thousand. It was because Chile has had invested in better construction for houses of the citizens of Chile. That made the building inside Chile resistant to earthquake.

Although the earthquake could not be predicted, the Chile might be having a progressive economic level that enabled them to advance in speedy economic improvement. That made Chile to have capability to build their area with better construction. Because the Chile earthquake 2010 was so powerful, hundreds people were died and there were more than 100.000 damaged houses.

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