1960 And 2010 Chile Earthquake

Chile earthquake

Chile is one of locations in the world that is prone towards occurrence of earthquakes. It can be seen through the past history that the largest earthquake in the world was happened in Chile with 9.5 magnitude in 1960. Chile earthquake was located on the fault line where was prone to large earthquake occuring in the past. 1960 earthquake was the largest earthquake in the world. Then, in the 2010, another large earthquake in 8.8 magnitude also took place with location north of the 1960 earthquake.

Earthquake was manufactured through decades of accumulation of tension in between tectonic plate boundary. The two tectonic plates are Nazca and South Americantectonic plates. This country was in dangerous location because it is located on subduction zone. The subduction zone is a place where a tectonic plate falls beneath another tectonic plate. Generally, one is ocean tectonic plate and another is continental tectonic plate. Nazca is oceanic plate that subducted beneath continental South American plate. In subduction zone, large earthquake tended to happen.

The earthquake was caused by rupture on the fault line in the subduction zone. 1960 Chile earthquake was triggered by the thrust fault. The thrust fault was indicated that the rupture of rocks for Nazca oceanic plate subducted under North American continental plate. This created mega thrust earthquake such as a powerful 9.5 magnitude Chilean earthquake. A mega thrust earthquake was caused by thrust fault which is sudden rupture of rocks in the fault line. The earthquake ruptured a fault line near the coastline of Chile.

Chile earthquake

With this moment, tsunami was also triggered that came to some nations across Pacific. The quake was able to kill more than 1000 casualties. In 2010, another earthquake happened in 8.8 magnitude. The quake ruptured fault line located on the north of past 1960 earthquake. The casualties were in about 400 casualties.

Mega Thrust 9.5 Magnitude Earthquake

The largest earthquake in the world was happened in Valdivia, Chile in 1960. Valdivia was nearest town to the earthquake epicenter but other towns such as Puerto Mont, Concepcion were also affected. There were approximately over 1500 casualties, about 300 people injured, millions of people abandoned. The hazard caused by earthquake was tsunami that was triggered and delivered as well to Hawaii, Australia, Japan, Philippines and California.

That quake happened in 32 kilometers deep on the ocean surface near the coast. The built up tension resulted in a powerful earthquake that ruptured a huge fault line near Chile coastline. The thrust fault was ordinary in the subduction zone. In this earthquake, the mega-thrust quake was caused in the subduction zone.

Earthquake in Chile

Earthquake was ordinary for Chilean people. Yet, after the tension was released inpast earthquakes, the seismic activities still happen. There can be large earthquake happened in Chile but the tension has already been produced. There were possible threats caused by earthquakes that have happened in the Chile.

Still, more earthquakes can be coming in more years. In 2014 and 2015 alone, there have been large-accounted earthquakes that were cautioned by the Chile inhabitants. Therefore, recalling the past times earthquake, they were able to prepare the hazards of earthquakes.

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