New Zealand’s Christchurch Earthquake 2011

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Christchurch earthquake 2011 had a different name for the earthquake because the quake struck the region of Christchurch city which was Canterbury. Then, it was also identified as Canterbury earthquake after the earthquake hit part of Christchurch city, the second crowded city that was located in Canterbury plain.

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The New Zealand earthquake 2011 was the aftershock of the earthquake in 2010. It happened on 22 February 2011 with the power of 6.3 magnitude after the foreshock struck in the same location with the power of 7.0 magnitude on 4 September 2010. Christchurch was the second biggest city in NZ.

The first quake with larger magnitude had not caused fatality but the second quake happened and claimed much citizens and injured more than a hundred including several lost. There were much damaged houses estimated around billion dollars worth of money. An icon part was Christchurch church being also destroyed. There was a logic reason why the two happened in two times that was not so long in between.

The Facts Of Christchurch Earthquake 2011

The city of Christchurch was shocked by quake with power of 7.1 around the fault in location west part of Canterbury plain. It has happened on September 2010. The quake was studied by the scientist that the location was in fact on the lengthiest fault system called Greendale fault.

Once more time, there was a quake with a power of 6.3 magnitude that occurred in the area around midday of 22 February 2011. This quake was occurred in about a couple of kilometers on the western side of port city called Littleton, or tens kilometers on the south eastern part of the Christchurch city and killed 185 citizens. That quake was regarded as the second worst type of natural disaster in New Zealand.

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 Chronogical Events of The Quake

On September 2010, the quake actually ruined the plains close a place called Darfield about 40 kilometers western part of Christchurch in the morning time but no one was affected with only 1 death accounted caused by hearth attack and a number of facility being damaged. Following months, on February 2011, another earthquake occurred on midday in about 10 kilometers from central part of Christchurch, took a hundred and eighty five lives and damaged the exterior part of the city.

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Christchurch

When the first quake happened, everybody did not realize about the following quake or aftershock which could potentially brought danger towards the citizens. Even more with the experience in the first quake with large magnitude, they were not aware of potential danger of potential following quake or aftershock. The second happened after months of the first one. However, the earthquake might not be predicted by someone.

As the fault in their land was not known by ordinary people, the potential threat was not actually revealed until the quake in February 2011 happened and took lives of the people. The natural disaster or earthquake in NZ actually was dangerous because there were more people in Christchurch area and the quake happened in that place where people just taking break from their work and not realized of any incoming tremble in the land that caused the damage of the houses or the facilities. Another threat was the hazard caused by the christchurch earthquake 2011 that was unpredicted actually was landslides.

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