Other Known Disasters In History

Tambora volcanic eruption disaster

Tragedy can be brought by other disasters creating a massive area of destruction, damage, even deaths. This article brings the story of the disaster from around the world. Eventually, it can deliver what kind of experience when a disaster strike in other part of the world that we have not been visited.

Katrina Hurricane, The United States

Katrina hurricane disaster

On the date of 29 of August, year of 2005, a hurricane called Katrina struck Gulf Coast near Buras, Los Angeles. Its typhoon level was at level 3. This exotic cyclone killed at least 1800 fatalities, at minimum of 1245 lives brought to death by the cyclone. Katrina cyclone was the in third position most dangerous cyclone in the US history. All the damages were estimated at hundreds billion US dollars. It was given the top five cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean and eleventh label storm. Apart from earthquakes and volcanoes, mother earth had provided cyclone type of disaster changing the climatology into the extreme.

Volcanic Eruptions of Tambora, Indonesia

Tambora volcanic eruption disaster

In the time of 1815, Mount Tambora, in Indonesia Java’s Coast Sumbawa Island, erupted. It was one of the natural disaster in Indonesia’s past history. At least 50.000 people have been killed. Foreign countries’ atmosphere around the world has been filled by ashes. The sun also has been blocked by the cloud of ashes. Since there was no sun ray, there has been a climate disturbance within a year after. In the US, there have been snow drop in certain states destroying crops and causing finance slowdown. New England named it the year of 1800 as 1800 plus frozen to death and became more popular with the name of years without sun. The effect also was felt by European nations  including Swiss, German.

Tunguska Blast

tunguska blast

In the time of 30 June 1908, there was an amazing illumination along Siberia and explosion in Tunguska lake. The jolt wave was the same as five to ten thousad times greater than TNT brought by the atomic bomb dropped in the Hiroshima. Fortunately, there were no casualties and the effect was seen all over the world. As well, seismic wave was triggered at England.

As an effect, the illumination in the sky was seen on many nations until the people outside were able to read the newspaper during the night times. Specialists have thought that it was because meteor hit to be blamed, although through quest by Soviet that any signs of crater could not be found.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

The disaster of atomic reactors in the first on the world history was a nuclear facility called Chernobyl exploded on the time of 26 April 1986. It was located on the nation of Ukraine. The emission of radiation was taken by the air into the atmosphere of Russia, European. It was number four nuclear reactor that was blown. There was massive evacuation in the city of the Ukraine. All the city inhabitants were taken out of the places nearby the premises. Many kids around the facility were infected by thyroid cancer. Although the facilities remained stopped, in the year of 2000, there were 4000 workers recorded around the premises.

Other disasters above such as hurricane, olcanic eruption, meteor and nuclear disaster are also worrying. There are more but here only a few are mentioned.


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