Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes In Oklahoma?

fracking earthquakes

Does fracking cause earthquakes in Oklahoma? Oklahoma currently is known as an area with high possibilities of earthquake. It is quite saddening as this state is quite infamous for the hurricane also. Now, it is again placed in the center of disaster zone for a new thing. Rather than the earthquake is considered being happened naturally, it is often claimed by many people that it is due to the activity namely fracking. Sure, there are some controversies following the statements released by some geology experts. To know more whether it is true or not, the more research seems need to be done anyway.

What is Fracking?

fracking earthquakes

Fracking is often done in the world of mining and other industry as a medium to do the waste dump and other mining activities. Actually, what happens in Oklahoma is not something new. In fact, the similar things are also found in other states including Colorado and New Mexico. In this case, there is an improvement regarding the utilization of energy source using drilling method namely hydraulic fracturing. It is when the water and other chemical substances contained are spreading into the rock formation under the earth’s outer layer. This activity can then ease more to drive out the raw oil as well as the gas. This method is known as the most effective way for mining industry. However, it also results a large number of waste dump in which it is later throw in a big trash well.

Starting from 2009

The utilization of energy source using hydraulic fracturing was started since 2009. Whether it is coincidental or not, the earthquake was also started to be happened often since that year. It makes some realms conclude and claim that the earthquakes are closely related to the mining activities. Based on the result of geology survey released by the experts, it is reported that the activities have bigger chances to cause and shakes and shocks similar to the natural earthquakes. The statement is strengthened by many researches done during the years.


Of course, not all sides are agree with the statements, many other experts questions the validity of the survey. Based on their opinion, the shakes from fracking activities are not happened too often until causing big damages. Indeed, earthquakes for mining activities are something which is really possible. However, the shakes are not too strong. Besides, there are actually some standards of procedure that must be obeyed by the industry once they want to apply the fracking method. Sure, some of the standards are related to the safety not only for the workers but also for the environment in general. Therefore, it is concluded by them that many big earthquakes happened in Oklahoma are kinds of natural disaster, not related to the fracking.

Sure, based on the points explained above, earthquakes caused by the fracking are very possible. However, more researches are still needed to make sure whether the fracking is able to produce such a big energy to shake Oklahoma like natural earthquake does. More than that, keeping the environment safe should be a duty for all people, including those who work in the mining industry. So, does fracking cause earthquakes in Oklahoma? It can be yes and no.

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