Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes?

1 fracking earthquakes

Does fracking cause earthquakes? Many of the geology experts of US government know well that major parts of Oklahoma are the areas of earthquake. It is so ironic actually by remembering that Oklahoma is also known for very long time as a place with many hurricanes. Now, it is again in the middle of disaster zone due to the human action. Whether it is already proven or not, the earthquakes that were often happened currently are claimed to be caused by the fracking from fuel industry. Actually, it is not something new since such a happening was already done some times ago in the Colorado and New Mexico. Why do many people claim that the earthquakes were happened because of the fracking? There are some explanations as follows.

Since 2009

1 fracking earthquakes

Undeniably, earthquake is mostly known as a kind of natural disasters due to the friction of earth plates or volcano eruption. It is not like flood or fire that can be seen clearly as a disaster caused by human action. However, what happens in Oklahoma can be a very different case. It is because of the fact that this place is known as the center of waste dumps of fossil fuel industry. The theory of how the waste dumps can trigger earthquake is actually still not proven well. However, anything can be clearer if we also consider the fracking done in this place. The increasing of using fracking technique was happened around 2009. The utilization of energy source uses some methods of oil drilling namely hydraulic fracturing. It is when the water and some kinds of chemical substances are spreading into the rock formation in the earth to drive out the oil and gas. Coincidentally, the earthquakes are also started to be often happened around 2009. That’s why, it is often claimed that the disasters are not naturally occurred but they are because of the human action.


However, some of the experts said that fracking that causes earthquakes is only happened sometimes. It is moreover if the earthquakes happened are those which can be directly felt by human on the surface of the earth. In addition, the shake occurred for the fracking is indeed quite big to be felt by people around. However, for some levels of energy, it will not give too many impacts like what the earthquakes do. Besides, the fracking done in Oklahoma is also already in line with the standard of procedure so that such big effects like earthquakes are impossible to be happened too easily.


It is actually really possible for such human activities like fracking to cause a sort of big disasters even like the earthquake. Even, it can be considered as well that what happens in Oklahoma are caused by the fracking activities. However, to prove that matter, the more research will be needed. Meanwhile, it is also important for the industry owners to consider many bad effects that may happen because of their activities. Once our environment has been damaged, the people around will experience the effects too. So, does fracking cause earthquakes? It is possible.

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