Relation Between Earthquake And Faults

nepal thrust fault
Nepal Geological Location Hierarchy

Gone are the days where people believe earthquake is their Gods anger manifestation although in so many continents it is still going on though. Mighty universe and our unbelieveable Mother Earth are basically too large for one to comprehend let alone to understand how they work. In the sense no one can vividly tell you how the nature law works since the very start of Big Bang and Black Hole theories. What do you say? Earthquake is one the most lethal disaster that can easily wipe off millions of human lives within a fraction of time measurement. Such unbelieveable massive nature energy that may explode anytime at all. It is interesting to understand beside of the fact that ultra modern technologies have been involved to detect earthquake and faults, basically they are never fast enough to save one’s life in case of earthquake happenings. At this point earthquake today experts are facing endless challenge of how to predict earthquake strike as earlier as possible.

earthquake causes
2004 Indonesia earthquake
nepal thrust fault
Nepal Geological Location Hierarchy
2016 italy earthquakex
2016 italy earthquakex

There is a long record of massive earthquake disaster e.g. earthquake in Italy, earthquake Japan, earthquake in Nepal and the most dangerous one is earthquake and tsunami to happen one after another. You remember there were Japan tsunami and Aceh tsunami which take hundred of thousands victim as well as massive destructions to the land. It is now a decade later that every restoration efforts are hardly considered finished due to severe destructions caused by.

One cannot tell by number to describe just how much loss then as the tsunami and earthquake and faults hit an area bearing its own productivity. There are decades of time required to restore it to its original capacity to provide clean water, forestry, plantation etc as one wants to consider the aquifer destruction asl well. Yes, aquifer. The underground river and water source which equals to human life. Out of question there is big difference of clean water production at disastered areas. Hence the chain effects are there to be considered. It would take a longer time before the negative effects shown up in case recovery actions are not done properly.

The Pacific region is subject to more earthquakes than any other area of earth. Forces causing this quakes are explained by the fact that earth out of cross is divided into broad pieces. Tectonic plates is the scientific name for it which slowly move across a softer layer called “the mantle”. The edges of two massive tectonic plates meet along a continent coast. As a plate collides over long period of time pressure is created that cause mountain ranges to push up and volcanos to form.

Often a huge crack in the earth known as a faults line were developed where the tectonic plates meet. There are examples of faults at several large spots on earth which is part of Pacific tectonic plate that later on form most of the Pacific Ocean sea floors. Some plates move to different side hence release a huge amount of pressure causing the ground to shake violently in what we call an earthquake. Frequent earthquake and faults in certain areas may cause property damage on regular basis. It sounds strange and yet it is the truth that one wants to consider his investment in such area in the sense that he wants to think twice about the building strength.

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