Active Faults In Earthquake Of California

earthquake california


earthquake californiaThat San Andreas fault is expected to reach a depth of about 20 kilometers which is 12 miles. The fault occurred because hot rock in the depths of the earth to be separated like plastic because of the strength in it. It has been estimated there will be an earthquake California in a greater strength that being called the big one in the area of California, but the time cannot be determined. The problem until now there is hard to predict the time when it will be earthquake. California is a place where earthquakes occur so often.

In September 2015, earthquake in Chile caused an estimated 1 million people out of their homes and make warning of a possible tsunami in California and Hawaii. According to a site in zones of faults and faults had been there since 2 billion years ago and active that can cause great harm to California and Nevada.

From early warning systems, determining safety plan, earthquake insurance california, earthquake California preparedness and the detection of earthquakes have been done but the earthquake is a natural event caused by a natural phenomenon, namely the movement of tectonic plates and volcanic activity. Specifically earthquakes are more common due to the movement of tectonic plates. Disaster like a tornado or hurricane happened some spots in the US, but the earthquake also resulted in much loss rate and the victims being the worst in the history of the world.

The new study about San Andreas Fault shows the possibility of the great yet powerful earthquake which will be the massive disaster. San Andreas Fault is an 800-mile meeting point of the North America and Pacific tectonic plate. Earthquake California is feared natural disaster in the US up to now. The installment of earthquake warning system is known to have been covering the whole US. Besides, the US government will be actively educate people in preparing the natural disaster.

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