What Are Earthquake Causes?

earthquake causes

Earthquake causes are caused by sudden break along the fault and another cause. Explosion, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can create shock wave that travel in the land.

earthquake causes

The seismologists study about the seismic waves. Earthquakes are studied by the seismologists. When earthquakes happen, there are seismic waves that can be studied by the seismologist.

The earth is divided into four layers which are internal core, external core, mantle and crust. The crust is also divided into large chunks of rocks called tectonic plates. The tectonic plates shift gradually in a speed of some centimeters annually. Then it smash, grind, move, push each other on the plates edge. Earthquakes take place in this plate boundary. Quakes can also happen in the places where nobody is around.

Seismic waves are manifested in tensions that are developed in smashing, rubbing, grinding of tectonic plates. Then amount of tensions is greater than the power of rocks can hold them. The rocks break and then the tension is released.

The danger of earthquakes can become more prevalent when it happens in the plate boundary. Pacific plate is the biggest tectonic plate in the world. Pacific plate is bordering with many oceanic and continental plates. Pacific Ring of Fire forms many volcanoes around the Pacific Rim. Nations are located on the plates boundary. Therefore, there are posed a great danger when the tensions stored on the plates edge released great seismic waves.

When a nation under poverty line such as Haiti was struck by an intense earthquake, many houses were damaged and huge amount of fatalities released were shocking. That stood more than two hundred thousand fatalities. That was caused by the break on the new fault line.

When Japan was hit by a powerful earthquake on the plate boundary, the mega-thrust earthquake was triggered that caused tsunami hazards caused by the earthquakes. That made the worst scenario for the Japan as well as the broken Fukushima nuclear reactors. The hardest moment for the nations located on the plate boundary was a clear proof that a lot of people living on those nations are in risks of getting effect of earthquake.

What are Earthquake Causes?

Earthquake causes are one of natural disasters that deserve a great attention. Because earthquakes can become fatal and deadly especially for the people living in places not built in strong code, preparedness, and disaster plan system.

Volcanic eruptions, falling meteor, explosions, and dropping of large buildings can also cause earthquakes. However, that just happens near the location of the minor causes. Majority causes of earthquakes are caused by plate tectonic movement on the earth’s crust.

In the subduction zone, mega-thrust quake is produced. Because the thrust movement of one tectonic plate under another plate. When mega-thrust earthquake happens in the Ocean, tsunami can be triggered. The tremble on the land is triggered by the slippage of the fault when one of tectonic plates pushed beneath another tectonic plate causing the ocean to surge and moving towards the land. Example of this case was like in Japan and North of Sumatra Coast, Indonesia. Those earthquakes causes happenned to be occurring in places where large earthquakes can be occurred.

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