earthquake disaster kit

What is on Earthquake Disaster Kit?

What is earthquake disaster kit? Nobody wants to experience something bad like disaster including the earthquake. But unfortunately, we must pass through this matter sometimes. Indeed, many of you are probably relieving enough due to the fact that you are not living in the area of disaster-prone. However, it is really not bad to prepare all the things needed. You can join the earthquake insurance and the others for sure. However, there is another thing which is not less important to provide. It is the earthquake disaster kit. It is basically a package of some basic necessities to survive after a disaster happens. The kit or package can include some important things. What are they?


earthquake disaster kit


The first aid and drugs can be the most important things here. Make sure you prepare them on your backpack or bag so that when they are needed, they are already prepared well. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you must be like a drugstore with so many drugs provided. Just some of them that are important like the aid to cure wounds and also some kinds of drugs to relieve stomachache, headache, and others. Sanitation package and other stuff like flashlight and radio must also be on the kit. Besides, it is a good thing as well if you already prepare some money.

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