What Are Earthquake Effects?

nepal earthquake effects

The earthquake effects are on the all living things, environments as well as manmade facilities on surrounding locations that was in proximity or close to the event of the focus and epicenter of earthquake. Depends on what causes earthquakes, the result can have larger effect. If the earthquake came to be a large earthquake, it would certainly have a great destructive power that had damage effects on the population as well as living places. The main effects of the earthquake were big devastating effect around manmade structures, damage on road, landslide prone locations such as in the hills, mountain hills and glacier, tsunamis, floods short, cracks, and sand that were easily blown. If you wonder where the most frequent earthquakes occuring zone is, it can be around the ocean where the one of fault going under another happen and trigger tsunami or on the fault line. Another example, when it happen near the river it can create short floods.

The damages of the earthquake can be estimated to be an accumulated loss in money rising from the damages and collapse of all buildings, structures, public and private facilities, fuel pumps and water pumps that were broken to be estimated. All the damages from the first effects can bring about second effects. The first effects can be drop of buildings, damages of public or private facilities. While the environmental effects of the earthquake could be the destruction of nature in the form of the destruction of ecosystems and habitats and harvest.

nepal earthquake effects

The damage may result from the effects of beyond the first occasion such as fire that came from the fuel pump that broken or water flash from a river that which were not included in the first effect of an earthquake.

Environmental Damage

The environmental damage that occurs can be caused by events such as the damaged pipe or water power, gasoline or electronic energy damage that ignited a fire, as well as of the gas leak. Earth, water, air can be polluted by hazardous toxic material from radioactive, sewage and medical waste. Japan itself had experienced an earthquake in 2011 which resulted in an explosion at a nuclear power generation facility that led to the release of radioactive material in the air. The contaminated air is an example of the result of the second effect sample.

If an earthquake effects occurs in the city center, the earthquake could cause the collapse of houses, roads and public facilities as well as power. In cities located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, a lot of people who live in areas are in prone city and vulnerable to be victims of the quake.

Countries such as Japan and South America which are industrial country and have more seismic activity have environmental impact in the countries. In countries such as developing countries such as the state of Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti, the victim arising from the earthquake and tsunami could reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands  like it was in 21st century. However during 2010 and 2011, both Haiti and Chile has faced with large earthquakes with strength of more than 7 in both countries. And victims in Haiti reached 200,000 casualties and in Chile did not reach until thousands of casualties.

Thus the effect of the first and second of the earthquake effects were very fatal to humans. They live on land prone to landslides and in an area close to the sea. The effects of major earthquakes such as the destruction of man-made structures become very dangerous. Damage could reach billions of dollars if it occurred in the Japanese metropolis and the United States. Therefore, earthquake insurance is available that might cover the house insurance.

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