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earthquake emergency kit
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Have you ever thought to prepare the earthquake emergency kit? Okay, if you are not in the area of disaster-prone, this matter is probably not really important. But still, it is not bad to have them all. It is by remembering that earthquake and other disasters may come to your area even without any warning. Moreover, it is actually not difficult to prepare such things. Many of them can just be found around us anyway. So, what are the things that are included in the earthquake survival or emergency kit? Here they are.

Being prepared means being fully equipped with the right amount of proper supplies you may need after an earthquake. Although the norm is to own a survival kit consisting enough supplies for three days, it is advised that you own an earthquake survival kit that may last you and your family members for up to seven days. This is done to ensure you have everything you need to survive until help arrives. Here we are not only going to help you with the list of supplies you must have in your earthquake survival kit, but also with helpful guide on how and what to prepare for your home survival kit as well as your car survival kit.

earthquake emergency kit
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While the car survival kit is not that much different from the home version, it is worth noting that two of these survival kit types are adjusted in a certain way to accommodate the needs in two different environments. So what do we have to prepare? The first and the most important thing is of course the drugs and first aid. It is mainly to help you and other people who have wounds or sickness. Make sure that it includes the bandage, cure wound, plaster, and some drugs for fever, diarrhea and so forth. Next, you must also prepare some clothes there. Just one or two pieces that is really comfortable and flexible for you to move. Besides, a pack of sanitation and personal hygiene is also not less important. If it is needed, you must also prepare the copy of personal documents as well as the cell-phone and radio. Those are enough for your earthquake emergency kit.

Now that you already have an idea on what must go into the survival kit backpack of yours, the following is a complete and detailed list of supplies you must have:

  • Non-perishable food or easy to prepare packaged food for 2-week supply per person
  • A gallon of water a day for one person
  • Eating utensils (plastic)
  • Multi-purpose tool with can opener
  • First aid kit and 7-day supply of medicines
  • Personal document copies from birth certificates to insurance policies
  • Flashlight, portable radio along with extra batteries
  • Cell Phone and its charger
  • Personal hygiene items and moist towelettes
  • Blanket
  • Candles, and matches in a sealed container
  • Clothing, sturdy shoes and raincoat
  • Cash, and extra set of house keys

For the car survival kit: all of the above with an additional sleeping bag, compass, local street map, small tool-kit, sealable plastic bags and gloves, walking shoes, and a transistor radio with extra batteries. About earthquake survival kit:

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