Conducting Earthquake Experiments For Education

earthquake experiments

Actual earthquake can be created through earthquake experiments. Earthquake itself is a natural phenomenon that the earth is composed of tectonic plates that move and created an earthquake in the end. However, the earthquake was also caused by human activity such as bombs, drilling natural gas, injecting liquid into the soil and of the dam. So we can create earthquakes.

earthquake experiments

Earthquakes caused by humans are often done by putting water into the ground near a fault and eventually causing easy detachment fault block. Earthquake can also be done with a nuclear bomb that is by a bomb placed in the ground at a certain depth and then denoted. However this is not possible.


There are also experiments of earthquakes for education that is useful to improve the understanding of earthquakes. However, scientists also conducted experiments to look for detection of earthquakes. Furthermore, this prediction of an earthquake can not be done due to determining the interval of earthquake is very difficult to do. Then the experiments and testing of earthquake as early as possible is to train the safety measures during an earthquake.

Many studies on earthquakes are to improve the science against earthquakes. Scientists are looking for ways to detect earthquakes that can be done before the earthquake occurred and preventive security measures to avoid causing many casualties. A goal of scientists to understand the earthquake  itself is to predict when an earthquake will occur somewhere for example around the San Andreas Fault. Because San Andrea fault is an active fault and has predicted that a large quake will occur.

After the earthquake occurred usually that is the time for the scientists to measure the magnitude of the earthquake, the depth of the earthquake, the point earthquake in the land as well as the distance from the city center. Seismologists also studied factors that cause the earthquake itself so that it can be a moment to study the circumstances of the earthquake experiments that occurred and is determined by what factor. So seismologists will always experiment to understand when an earthquake will occur somewhere. Of course this will be difficult because the earthquake occurred deep in the ground. To see an earthquake, scientists put the tool on the ground to measure how much strength and depth of an earthquake.

Experiments were conducted to determine the extent to which we are prepared to face the incident. Because we are not able to control this event, human make safety measure. There are causes of earthquakes that are volcanic earthquakes and excessive pressure on the outer edge of the earth’s crust.

An earthquake experiments with a great power can not be prevented and controlled as nominally occur naturally. Despite efforts by scientists or experts to study the earthquake that takes much longer, a lot of experiments carried out by detecting an earthquake. One of them is to see what happens before the quake. One is the detection of light. Before the earthquake occurred in places such as the earthquake in Napa Santa Rosa, California, visible flashes of light earthquake was seen. There are also experiments to detect electromagnetic waves that occur due to seismic waves.

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