What Are Earthquake Facts?

earthquake facts

There are actually around 500.000 earthquake facts in every year around the world. The small quakes do not cause a great danger to anyone but the powerful ones deliver a great potential danger on human beings. In a minute there were a small earthquake actually happened without our sense noticing it because there were too small.

The point where earthquake happens in the ground is called focus. It can happen in shallow or short focus which is only ten to thirty kilometers below the ground. The point exactly above the focus is called epicenter. The epicenter of earthquake can be located through the seismograph station that is usually in place in a city, town or a nation.

In Pacific region, there is also a tsunami warning system that release about the potential of tsunami. It is used to announce whether there is a potential tsunami and inform the people to evacuate immediately. The quake happen only less than minutes to five or ten minutes and even more.

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There are earthquakes annually. We can not predict when a powerful earthquake can actually happen. In a device called a seismograph, it is used to measure the dimensions of earthquakes such as the epicenter, its focus, its magnitude, and the rupture zone. Tsunami can be caused by thrust fault in the ocean. It is called as hazards of earthquakes.

earthquake facts

The power of earthquake can be measured by seismograph. The largest earthquakewas measured at 9.5 magnitude that happened in Chile. Most of earthquakes happen due to the process of tectonic movements. Every year the plates move gradually and stores energy that become earthquakes.

Every loss of lives has been caused by collapse of structures in the ground. Nations that are located on the plates edge are more prone to earthquakes. Earthquakes actually happen every time, but it is too small that human can not feel it.

Many powerful earthquake happen in a subduction zone or thrust fault zone where movement of plates edge is thrust or push beneath the other. Plates tectonics are the terms given to the chunk parts of rocks beneath the earth’s ground that shape the layer in the earth’s crust. They move steadily every year.

Large earthquake can change the earth’s axe. The more magnitude, the more deadliest the earthquake is. When earthquake happens, it can shock many peope from different parts of the world. The powerful earthquake usually is triggered in fault zone of two tectonic plates that subducted each other creating a mega thrust earthquake. When it happen in the ocean, it can deliver tsunami wave to sweep the shore and the cities in the land.

When tsunami happen, tsunami can rush at about more than 700 kilometers per hour into the land. It is the most hazardous effect of an earthquake. The earthquake facts are one of natural disasters that cause massive fatalities caused by the collapse of the houses structures, tsunami, landslide and fires. The road, houses, buildings also can be damaged. The simple plan such as safety plan and use of earthquake kit can minimize damage and injury. It can be thousands, ten thousand, and even hundred thousand fatalities.

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