Earthquake Fault Lines In The World

earthquake fault lines

Earthquake fault lines are the simplest and easiest way to remember what they are. Just like the sequence of a glass jar falls of a shelf; earthquake is the falling process and fault is the glass flakes. Out of question we are talking about a huge size material i.e. planet earth. There are several famous potential fault lines i.e. Eurasian as its subsoil layers are unique. It is interesting to understand how subsonic layers thickness are also changing on frequent basis.

Yearly measurement shows about 0,001-0,005% tolerance which is possible because the inner core of planet earth is a huge magma container. In daily life you may compare it to when you shake a bottle of champagne then you know what to happen next. The cork pops out and the champagne liquid spurt out splatter around. The difference is when it is to happen at planet earth center then the huge pressure can not always escape upwards out to the soil surface. It will break the plates instead, some of the plates are large enough to accommodate the oceanic and continental crust layers. Frontal collision of two plates is the most frequent to happen which to us familiarly referred to devastating earthquake. The topography of the earth was formed by fault lines of these plates.

earthquake fault lines

It is the San Andreas Fault lines. This one of earthquake fault lines is a real threat to most modern cities in the west coast of America i.e.  San Francisco, California City etc. San Andreas Fault is a form of shear fracture has fracture length of thousand kilometres, stretching from the state of California to the Mexican border areas.This fault lines divide the region of major cities in the American West into two parts. The ever shifting fault that triggered severe devastating earthquake in San Francisco happened in 1906 ago.

The earthquake swept more than a century ago which is believed to be prime cause of North American plate and Eurasian plates to start  shifting at an average speed of about 1.5 inches per year. The natural movement of the two plates of this giant fault lines lock fracture without movement, yet kept the tremendous potential energy. Like catapults, hundreds of years these two plates move storing tension, when the lock apart and rock along the fault line is broken then one plate subducting will slide a few meters into the earth.

Huge amount of energy is released to the earth surface and produce an earthquake that is the dark shadow in San Andreas. It is possible big cities of San Francisco or California to be strongly shaken by a devastating earthquake fault lines, scientists record San Andreas Fault Lines’last time a energy strength of 7 – 8 on Richter scale. The city of San Diego and Los Angeles on the Pacific plate. Conversely, San Francisco, Sacramento, and the Sierra Nevada on the North American plate. San Andreas fault lines can be viewed directly from the broad plains of the Carrizo Plain. It appears that the fault forming the trough that runs straight and a large energy saving can be separated at any time. While Rows of mountains, ridges, trenches, volcanoes along the Pacific plate boundaries is called the Ring Of Fire.

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