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An earthquake is one of the famous yet terrifying natural disasters on the Earth. Almost many countries all over the world have experiences when an earthquake rocked their regions. We can’t underestimate the furious Mother Nature especially this one. It can sweep all buildings in distant location following by great tsunamis. The damages and injured people caused by it is no joke. Thousands of people and many strong-built buildings can be gone just like that. And in today’s article we will share to you an earthquake report in one of regions in the U.S. Earthquake in Bakersfield has one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded.


Before we check out the list of an earthquake in Bakersfield report, let’s see one of the biggest earthquake with 4.9 magnitude happened in this region.

Big 4.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Bakersfield

On February 28th, 2016, there was an earthquake struck around 22 miles from Bakersfield. It happened so fast on Tuesday afternoon within a week of the other two earthquakes rocked California which over 4.0 magnitude. The earthquake happened in Bakersfield had 4.9 magnitude.

The U.S Geological Survey said that the quake itself happened precisely at 4.02 p.m. And the depth is about 0.2 miles. Talking about the epicenter which is the location directly above the hypocenter on the earth’s surface was found in farmland. The location was about 22 miles west-northwest of the region. It was 4 miles with from south-southwest of Wasco. This is a Kern County city with the population reached 26,000 residents.

In Facebook, there was one person who gave the statement about the earthquake. She said that she lives in McFarland and she could feel the area was shook very hard. The shaking also could be felt not only in Bakersfield but also Fresno and even Los Angeles County. After that the second quake with magnitude of 2.6 rocked at 4.11 p.m. It happened just several miles away from the first earthquake. The quake itself was felt in Los Angeles too. People described the quake as the “roller”.

Report of earthquake in Bakersfield today

After the information about one of the biggest earthquake recorded in Bakersfield, we are going to share about what Geologist has recorded about earthquake happened in Bakersfield recently.  In the past 24 hours, there was one earthquake happened. In the past 7 days, there was also one earthquake happened in this area. Meanwhile, for the past 30 days there were eight earthquakes rocked. And in the past 356 days, there were 209 earthquakes recorded in Bakersfield.

The largest earthquake recorded nearby Bakersfield region

  • Today, there was 1.7 magnitude earthquake happened in Bodfish, California, U.S.
  • This week, there was 1.7 magnitude earthquake happened in Bodfish, California, U.S.
  • This month, there was 2.5 magnitude earthquake happened in Bodfish, California, U.S.
  • This year, there was 5.7 magnitude earthquake happened in Hawthorne, Nevada, U.S.

Earthquake in Bakersfield has quiet record compare to the nearby regions like Los Angeles. Those who like in this area should always be prepare of an earthquake since the area sometimes rocked by it. Food and water supplies should be prepared anytime by the Bakersfield residents. Communication between family members about this natural disaster is also important just in case an earthquake happened so suddenly. Another article on San Andreas fault in California:

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