What We Learn From Earthquake In Dallas Today?


Earthquake in Dallas today can be a big warning and also a big concern for many of us. It’s a sudden bad news for people who never thought there will be an earthquake hits their houses, when the report said it causes many damaged buildings and also shocks from the local people. Luckily there is no major injuries but still, it’s surprising to know a peaceful Dallas can get sudden earthquake today.


Learning from the news today, we think it’s a must to know how to prepare yourself when facing an earthquake. Not only for major injury but also to avoid shock and hysterical feeling. Read our tips about how and what we can learn from earthquake in Dallas for our next preparation :

Usually, the lights go out when the earthquake happens. So for your emergency help, better to prepare small important things such as lighter or flashlight. Especially if you are trapped inside your home or building, the possibility of getting hurt because the damaged things or wreckage will be very big. Light can guide you outside during or after the earthquake.

Most often, people who have experienced earthquake tragedy in first time feel shocked and don’t know what to do instead of standing still. It’s affected because the shocking feeling of knowing the ground is shaking and things are falling on the ground. It’s very important to remove your shock and make quick moves how to free or protect yourself. When you see or hear many things falling on the ground, make sure you find yourself know how to get out from your room or at least, find a safe place to make sure you won’t get hurt. Under the table or near the strong wall can be your move when there is no chance to search for help.

Another thing to learn from Dallas earthquake is also about to know every answers for every sudden situation when the earthquake happens. In many interviews and reports, local people find themselves in a sudden and unexpected situation such as driving the car or getting shower in bathroom. So what you should do if you are trapped in those sudden situations? If you drive the car when the earthquake happens, better to stop the car and make a quick move to get out from it. If you are having shower time, take your towel first and find your safe place (or if the doors are open, better to get out from your home).

After all, earthquake can happen anywhere anytime. We still need more information and preparation to face the worst risk of this incident. Either in Dallas or in another city, very important to keep informing our awareness. We can’t ignore or just do nothing when we know we can help not only ourselves but our family members or even the others out there when the tragedy happens. With today’s earthquake incidents or many other news today, hope we will learn much about the importance of caring and preparing our steps just like we learn from the news of earthquake in Dallas today.

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