Rebuild After Earthquake In Haiti

earthquake in Haiti

Haiti was located on Hispaniola island and that two third part of the island was Dominican Republic. It was situated at the plate boundary of North American or Genova and Caribbean shifting tectonic plate. There was a micro plate as well such as the Genova plate. The Enriquillo Plantain Garden Fault Zone (EPG FZ) was famous fault zone. However, it has not delivered any sign of earthquakes before. Moreover, there was no seismometer station in Haiti. At the time of earthquake, there was a difficulty to locate what has caused the earthquake in Haiti.

On 12 January 2010, there was a devastating Haiti earthquake. With measured power of 7.0 magnitude, this quake was able to destroy everything on the mainland of Haiti. The epicenter was southwest of the capital city, Port Au Prince. There were more than 100.000 casualties. However based on Haiti governor, it was more than 200.000 casualties. Besides, there were much injured people as well. Moreover, the people were dead caused by the houses that were flattened by the earthquake.

The cause of the earthquake in Haiti was due to the slippage of the new fault linelocated underneath the ground. Earthquake could be manifested in pressures that were accumulated in the tectonic plate boundary. The condition before the earthquake, Haiti was in fact positioned in the end list of undeveloped nations or in the list of the poorest nations in the world.

Haiti was one of the third world all around the world. There were much people living under poverty lines. The situation is worse that governor used bribe as a legal activity. The living per capita was estimated not more than US$2. The permanent resident houses were not made of strong construction that quake-resistant. It meant that in 2010, the quake was devastating to much of Haiti residents because the poor structure of the resident houses.

The Effect of The Haiti Earthquake

There was much destruction in the other facilities such as private and business properties, hospitals, as well as the sanitation. It could be the hardest time for Haiti as there were not any devastating earthquakes before since 2.5 centuries.

earthquake in Haiti

When this nation was hit by earthquake in 2010, there was collapse houses that forced the people to move out of from the living places. There were estimated around 1.5 million people displaced. Moreover, there was Cholera disease outbreak that made about at minimum of 5000 casualties. The process was getting worse as the access to sanitation was also eliminated. In the later time, it was discovered that the outbreak was caused by the UN troops that were sent to Haiti to help.

There was required a huge amount of aid provided that the damage were massive including the need for removing the debris, facilities and home for getting sanitation, establishing hospitals, recovery, temporary resident living to house around millions of people. The nations and international aid were essential to help the process of recovery and rebuild the nation. Haiti might be in need of aid help. There have been years after the deadliest earthquake of 7.0 magnitude struck in the mainland of Haiti. It was hard to recover from the devastating earthquake.

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