What Are The Hazards In Earthquake In Italy In 2017?

after quake in italy
Picture: after the earthquake in Italy in 2016

Four earthquakes happened in Italy during four hours in 18 January 2017. Earthquake in Italy yesterday caused fear and threatening to the region that also experienced such deadly quakes in August last year. The tremors occurred quickly and caused building collapses. Yet, no injuries or deaths reported, even some people were trapped inside the collapse buildings.

Deadly Earthquakes in Snowstorms

Severe winter weather occurred along last week makes the mountainous regions covered by heavy snows. The emergency services also should work harder during the snowstorms. Their vehicles worked so hard to check the village and farms in the remote areas. Because of the strong earthquakes, the shakes also caused the buildings in the remote Rome shaking. It made the people rushing outside the buildings, the schools were closed and temporary postponed metro.

The first quake occurred at 10.25am and the last occurred at 2.30pm, with various magnitudes from 5.3 to 5.7. Amatrice, a town on the hilltop that got the worst effect of last year quake got a quite large shake again on Wednesday. The shakes caused the church’s bell rower crashed down.

Meanwhile, in a village named Ceselli; 50 miles from epicenter, the quakes were very frightening and made all things shaking. All people went outside the building while the weather was very freezing and windy. In the middle of the bad cold weather, the situation became very difficult. It caused 100,000 people lost power and some avalanches also occurred; causing some people trapped inside the buildings.

Sergio Pirozzi, Amatrice’s mayor also stated that the big problem wasn’t in the earthquakes yet the snow. The snows covered up to two meters so that isolating the villages. Meanwhile in Canzano, the situation was also extreme for the turned off electricity. Luckily, the earthquakes didn’t cause any deaths even it made difficult day for Italy. The geologists have stated that Italy has gotten over 45,000 shocks since the first huge earthquake on August 24, 2016 that killed more than 300 people and destroyed many villages and towns. It looks like the country has been vulnerable to the shakes.

before quake in italy

Picture: before the earthquake in Italy in 2016
after quake in italy
Picture: after the earthquake in Italy in 2016

The Reason for Italy Becoming Vulnerable to Shakes

As written above, so many quakes have occurred since earthquake in Italy yesterday shake greatly in August last year. There is a great reason for this fact. It is because many parts of the country sit on a great line of seismic fault. The part is also the central region that got the great shake last year.

Since the big earthquake last year, shakes and tremors become something commonly happen because they occur almost every day. The earthquakes also make the plates of Eurasian and African move and cause conflict with each plate.

Because the mountainous villages and towns also become tourism destinations, there are many hotels and restaurants are covered by snows after avalanches. Some tourists were trapped and got freezing inside the buildings. They were evacuated by the rescue workers, army and fire fighters that work hardly through the bad weather. Kinds of heavy equipment such as earthmoving equipment and snowplows were used in order to find the trapped people.

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