The History Of Earthquake In Japan

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Japan is dedicated to be earthquake country as it is situated at several massive pieces in the earth’s crust which is to be called tectonic plates. Thus, most probability they experience the earthquake in Japan the most frequently in the world.

Mostly tectonic plates in the world grinded and built up what so called tension for a long time that sometime produced a powerful earthquake such as 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan on 11 March 2011. There was a more detailed infos of causes, effects about fifth biggest earthquake in the world since 1900.

Altogether in the world, there were in total of 160 earthquakes of magnitude more than 6.0. The speed of Pacific tectonic plate shifting into North American plate is 8.9 centimeters or 3.5 inches per year. Estimated size of Honshu Island is 1300 kilometers.

The power of the earthquake on the 11 March 2011 was quite huge and it happened on east shore of main Honshu island. However, other earthquakes in past history were also accounted for it had been hazardous for Japan as well.

Earthquake During 1923 – Great Kanto

The first one was Great Kanto Quake. On the first September 1923, there was a big earthquake that struck hard on Kanto and damaged Japan’s cities such as Yokohama, Tokyo and its landscape. The earthquake also triggered hazard of earthquake such as fire happened for a couple of days as well as tsunami waves.

The casualties were huge which were around 140.000 lives gone. The location affected was Tokyo which was the capital city with lots of people but the largest destruction was on Kanto. The hazards caused by earthquakes were the tsunami wave triggered with 40 feet long that swept many people and then there was flame that burned most of wooden houses as well as the citizens in Yokohama and Tokyo. That was the hard time for Japan for that happened in the most inhabited areas at that time.

The following time forced the remaining around forty thousand to evacuate to Sumida Lake immediately in the first time since the flames called the dragon twist took everything up. That quake destroyed everything in two biggest cities in Japan at that time.

Earthquake in 1995 – Great Hanshin Quake

The second one was Great Hanshin Quake. This quake take place in Osaka-Kobe central part of the west Japan thus called Kobe earthquake 1995. On 17 January 1995, a power of 7.3 magnitude earthquake took place and killed more than six thousand and four hundred (6400) lives approximately. The quake’s damage on Kobe system was massive that the bridge, roads, ports and fast track station made collapse.

great hanshi

It was happened in second biggest place in Japan, inhabitants exceeding 11 million. This was regarded as the second fatal earthquake after Great Kanto earthquake that took a hundred and forty thousand (140.000) lives. The quake also injured forty thousand (40.000) inhabitants badly, made three hundred thousand (300.000) people homeless and destroying two hundred and forty thousand (240.000) houses which fifty percent (50%) totally broken.

Earthquake in 2011 – Great Eastern Quake

The power of 9 magnitude earthquake that struck on east shore of Honshu was possibly caused by the past influence. This also brought about hazards of earthquakes such as flames, tsunami along with breakdown of nuclear plant called Fukushima Daiichi which was leaked and releasing dangerous substance called nuclear radiation (regarded as the most hazardous nuclear accident after Chernobyl in 1986).

The estimation of casualties reached in about thirty thousand (30.000) and loss of economy around three hundred billion dollars ($300.000.000.000). Those losses were part of history of earthquake in Japan.

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