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madrid fault zone

If you’ve never heard of the earthquake in Madrid, Madrid here is not that often you hear in a town in the Spanish state. Madrid here is a place in the country of United States. This earthquake occurred between the years 1811 to 1812. This earthquake was regarded as intraplate earthquake which are earthquakes that occurred in the tectonic plates in the earth’s outer layer which is the crust of the earth. This earthquake occurred in the fault zone that is New Madrid (NM) namely fault system of NM or New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). A series of earthquakes that occurred at that time was recorded at magnitude 7.5 to 7.9.

Madrid Seismic Zone
Madrid Seismic Zone

Historically it has been found more than 4500 years before 1811 continuously in force between 7 to 8 magnitude around this fault system of NM. Madrid earthquake between 1811 and 1812 occurred first in December 1811. The definition of intraplate earthquake itself was the earthquake that occurred inside the region of the tectonic plates. Though not all quakes are intraplate, in anywhere large earthquakes can occur. Large earthquakes can occur on the fault line.

madrid fault zone

Facts about New Madrid Seismic Zone

This seismic zone is the most active seismic zone in the east of the Rocky Mountains because there are several fault zones here. The Largest earthquake in the history of America was the New Madrid earthquake. If you do not know its location, its location is southeast of Missouri. The first time the earthquake occurred in New Madrid fault zone is about 200 years ago when it was still early morning, precisely in 1811. According to the geologic survey of America, there can be a larger earthquake that might occur in the future. Looking at how earthquakes happen, the possibility of tension stored in tectonic plates movement in the crust of the earth would be able to produce larger earthquakes. But again, it is hard to forecast earthquakes. It needs an expert of seismologist to predict the earthquake in Madrid and in the world in the future. Being able to predict the earthquake and know why the earthquakes happen, when an earthquake occurs, many person in a country can be saved.

The facts showed that the biggest earthquake occurred in the Pacific Ocean, but the facts here showed differently that the largest earthquake in the United States did not occur near the Pacific but it occurs in the middle of the American continent in Missouri because there were geological fault that slided in the past.

Americans have now been installing seismic detection sensors everywhere so it can be used to detect the earthquake right before it happen. The sign of earthquake will give a early warning to people living in the quake zones. But it is often scared that a large earthquake will occur and bring large impacts. Therefore it was often circulating in the news that great casualties often were caused by the earthquake. That case might be because they were not informed. Is the case caused by their own mistakes that was not paying attention to their own safety?

America itself is a developed country. Surely they support the environment especially during an earthquake in Madrid and their areas, and protect its citizens in case of earthquake.

Unlike in Haiti, there have been many casualties and left injured people because there were less incentives from the state for its people. Lots of countries could be affected by the earthquake. Tremors caused casualties from its citizens. The incentives and earthquake survival kit could be from other nations to help the country to rebuild its citizens.

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