Earthquake Japan 2011 Hazards

earthquake Japan 2011

Earthquake Japan 2011 hazards were earthquake and tsunami. The earthquake that took place in east side of Tohoku region of Japan caused many deaths. Earthquake with 9 magnitude in Japan during 2011 was regarded as the fifth biggest earthquake in the world’s earthquake history.

earthquake Japan 2011

The tsunami was hazard caused by earthquake also was included the worst disaster in Japan since 1900. The casualties caused by the combined earthquake and tsunami were recorded at more than 20.000 deaths including the loss ones. The epicenter was east side of Sendai on Tohoku region.

The thrust fault was estimated as the cause for the earthquake and tsunami. The location of the earthquake was north east of Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. The hazard was the tsunami that wiped out the towns and the region of Tohoku.

The quake and tsunami also damaged and leaked the nuclear reactors in Fukushima called Fukushima nuclear facilities. As a result the Fukushima released radioactive because the failure of the plants meltdown. In the case, only four of many the plants were damaged.

Tsunami Hazard

Tsunami warning was released along Pacific nation such as Hawaii, Taiwan, Alaska, Vancouver, and California. The dangerous tsunami was triggered in the subduction zone involving the thrust fault. In this case, tsunami was the ocean wave that took place on the sea floor.

The ocean wave was called tsunami in Japan and was famous in the world such as North Sumatra tsunami that hit the Banda Aceh causing 230.000 deaths. That was caused by the earthquake in the coastline or Hindia Sea. The main cause of tsunami might be caused by earthquake in the subduction zone on the sea floor that was related with tectonic movement.

The tsunami speed was at 750 kilometers per hour towards the mainland of Japan, destroying towns, houses, and killing and wiping out humans as well. The destruction were around the Tohoku region as well as Fukushima prefecture.

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

It was believed that the Fukushima nuclear reactors were exploded that has been hit by the earthquake and the tsunami. The effect of the explosion was that four plants of all reactors were leaked and from inside of the reactors released some kind of radioactive substance because the nuclear plants were failed to be shut down. It was regarded as second nuclear disaster after Chernobyl crisis in Ukraine.

It was still the second because the Chernobyl crisis resulted in 10 folds of emission level than of the Fukushima plants. The emission from the Fukushima plants was at level 7 in the world emission rate.

After the earthquake and tsunami, the reactors were supposed to be turned off because the level of heating could be rising up. However, the process of cooling down of the nuclear plants was failed because the heat was increasing and finally four of the plants were exploding and creating the leak of the plants.

The emission was also able to reach European countries. The people were then evacuated from the region near Fukushima power plant. The hazards caused by earthquake in Japan 2011 were massive Tsunami that resulted in devastation of Japanese towns, people, and flames that resulted in damage or leak of the nuclear power reactors.

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