10 Must Prepared Earthquake Kit List For You

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Some of you are living in an area with high risk of earthquake. If it is so, you should know how to handle such kind of disaster. What you need to prepare is earthquake kit and there are several important items you should know. Let’s learn a little bit about important earthquake kit list and why you should bring those items.

Water and Food

earthquake kit list

It is considered as a primary earthquake kit list. It will be difficult to find food and water after earthquake and even sometimes the access to find them are also difficult. Because of that, you have to prepare clean water and food supplies for at least 3 days. The most important thing is that you should calculate the member of your family first. Let say, you have 3 members of family it means you have to prepare at least 9 gallons of clean water. Each person needs at least a gallon a day. Just consider about the container of the water. Take plastic as the container of the water supply. It is also the same case with food supply. Just prepare food supply for 3 days. Try to prepare long lasting food and non refrigerator foods. Ready to eat or canned foods are the best option in such kind of emergency situation. It is also good to choose foods which can make you full easily.

First Kit Aid

first kit aid

You can’t predict the condition after the earthquake. Because of that, it is a must for you to include first aid kit in your earthquake kit list. It is very important because some of your family can be suffered from injuries because of this disaster. It is also necessary for you to lean about how to handle minor injuries especially in an emergency condition. Those first kit aid items are including sterile gloves, dressing to stop bleeding, antibiotic, soap, burn ointment, adhesive bandage, thermometer, and non prescription medicines.

Clothing and Bedding

It is also important for you to include clothes and bedding items in your earthquake kit list. Again, you don’t know the condition after the earthquake. There is a possibility that your cloth is wet or damage. You need to change your cloth. You also need to take a rest in the comfortable and safe area. Prepare appropriate bedding items so you can take a rest to keep your energy. Those items are including warm clothes, shoes, jacket, coat, long pants, sleeping bag, rain gear, and many more.

Additional Important Items

Actually, you also need to prepare some important items. Those are including cellphone, dust mask, battery powered radio, paper towel, signal flare, disinfectant, and many more. Those items are important to prepare because it can be used to find help. Let say, you can call someone outside your living area with your cellphone if there is any access. You can explore the area with the dusk mask as long as it is safe. You can check the latest condition by listening to the news from the radio if there is signal. Moreover, you can also create a signal from the signal flare so it is easy for the helpers to find you. Hopefully, by preparing the earthquake kit list above you can limit the worse risk after and during the earthquake.

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