earthquake kit

Things to Pack in the Earthquake Kit

Earthquake kit is really important to prepare. Indeed, not all of us are living in an area that is common to experience disaster like earthquake. However, it is still necessary since us never known when and where the disaster will be happened. Actually, it is really easy to prepare the kit. First of all, make sure that you have something like a backpack that is rarely used in our daily activities. Then, you have to put some stuff and things there that are really important for you to survive during the disaster. So, what are the things needed?


earthquake kit

First aid is the most important thing to have. As you know, natural disaster like earthquake may bring so many victims including those with wounds. Well, if you are unlucky, you are probably one of them. So, make sure several things like bandage, cure wound, plaster, and the others are included there. Meanwhile, other drugs to relieve fever, cough, and stomachache must also be provided. Don’t forget sanitation kit like soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and their friends. More than that, you must also provide other important things like flashlight, cell-phone along with the battery, and also radio. Those are what you must pack in the earthquake kit.

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