The Effects And Precaution During The Earthquake Near Me Today


The sudden shook rolling the earth’s surface can be called as the earthquake. Actually, the earthquake almost happens in daily around the world. According the one estimate, there are around 8000 of earthquake within a year.  Most of them are lighter and may be cannot notice. But, we knew that they had been recorded by the equipments that called as the seismographs. You can check earthquake near me today on the record in sites or authorities who streamlined or broadcasted the news.

The earthquake can be classified as the sudden tremor or movement from the earth’s crust that lasts in short time. This is derived from the natural process or the underneath of surface from the earth. We often hear about earthquakes in news only in awhile, however, the earthquake is happen in all of time. There are about 800 of earthquakes in everyday. But, most of them are unable to notice. Nowadays, the scientist is unable to predict more accurate about what the exact time of earthquake.


 Several effects of earthquake:

  • The earthquake causes the damage for buildings, dams or bridge.
  • Earthquakes in many cases are able to cause the great loss of life or deadly victims.
  • Earthquake also causes the floods and land slides. The land slide is triggered by earthquake and often causes the serious damage.
  • Earthquake also is able to occur in beneath the ocean that can cause tsunami.

They are several Earthquakes today:

You may wonder about the earthquake near me today​, and here some earthquakes that happen today and you can use as the references. Most of them is unable to notice but had been record by the seismograph. Some of them:

  • 11 km from the Templeton, California, US:

–  Time  : Friday, February 10,  2017 around 04:55 AM in UTC time.

–  The depth  : 5 km

–  The Magnitude  : 2.7

  • 74 km from Frakhar, Takhae, Afganistan:

–   Time  : Friday, February 10,  2017 around 04:49 AM in UTC time.

–  The depth  : 115 km

–  The Magnitude  : 4.6

  • 8 km from the Cobb, California, US:

–  Time  : Friday, February 10,  2017 around 03:39 AM in UTC time.

–  The depth  : 1 km

–  The Magnitude  : 2.4

  • 27 km from the Sutton Alpine, Alaska, US:

–  Time  : Friday, February 10,  2017 around 04:46 AM in UTC time.

–  The depth  : 0 km

–  The Magnitude  : 2.8

  • 2 km from the Berastagi, North Sumatra, Indonesia:

–  Time  : Friday, February 10,  2017 around 04:50 AM in Indonesia Time

–  The depth  : 47 km

–  The Magnitude  : 4.3

How are the precautions?

For the person inside the building:

–  Take the shelter under the table and keep in there until the shake is stop.

–  Avoid the tall and heavy stuffs.

–  Do not get up when you are still on bed then cover your head with pillow.

For peoples in outdoor area:

–  Find out the clear spot and move away from any buildings.

–  Do not go with the vehicles.

–  Drive slowly when the earthquake is stop.

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