History Of Earthquake Of Tangshan In 1976

earthquake of tangshan

Earthquake of Tangshan was the worst earthquake in the history of the 20th century in the category of the largest number of the victims that reached 240 thousand according to the government based on China but one source in China said the fatalities during the quake were more than 500 thousand. This earthquake was one of the worst after the earthquake that occurred in Shaanxi province that killed 830 thousand in 1556 and one in Calcutta in 1737 that killed 300 thousand. The total damage was estimated at 5,600 million dollars.

After the earthquake occurred, its city has been lost from the earth because the whole place of a century old industry buildings has been razed to the ground. It is located in about 110 kilometers east of Beijing. It was home to one million people and the industrial city at the time. That is located in northern part of China and in Province of Hebei.

earthquake of tangshan

Actually, northern China has fault zones consisted of micro tectonic plates. In the history of the previous century, earthquakes have occurred in this region. 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred when everyone was asleep at 3 AM in the morning. The incident began on July 28, 1976 and was referred to as the biggest quake victims throughout the 20th century. The great number in casualties was caused by the collapse of the houses which were not stood against earthquakes and the moment when the quake struck in the morning.

Meanwhile, people who were injured there were 160 thousand. The earthquake only lasted for 23 seconds and destroyed about 90 percent of existing homes. The epicenter over the earthquake of Tangshan was south of the city of Tangshan with a focus (depth) of about 15 kilometers. The impact of the earthquake was 1100 kilometers into all directions including Beijing.

The cause of this earthquake was previously unknown fault which later was to be named Tangshan fault. This fault was a strike-slip fault close to the junction with tectonic belt of Yenshan – Yinshan adjoining Cangdong fault the place where the earthquake occurred. Also Northern China were laid other fault such as Tan-lu fault. In that time, one of the scientists predicted that there would not be a large earthquake in the area which led to the entire city lack of preparation against earthquakes. Almost whole town was affected by the quake and all public facilities became damaged, including boarding schools and mines.

China is located in between the Pacific and Indian plates. Pacific plate moves to the west. The movement of tectonic plates has caused China became the place of active earthquakes zone. However after three decades now it has become the city back to life.

Tangshan Today

Later in the year of 2012, there has been an earthquake that was regarded to be an aftershock of the earthquake three decades ago. The evidence that the quake was an aftershock is due to an increase in seismic activity in Tangshan. It is estimated that there will be another earthquake in northern China which destroyed the capital of China.

Tangshan currently is home to more than 2 million inhabitants. In addition to the victims and those who were injured because of earthquake of tangshan, that event has made lots of children become orphan and as much as half of 4000 has now become the backbone of industry in the city.

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