Volcano And Earthquake Of The Andes

earthquake of the andes

The origin of earthquake of the Andes. The Andes Mountain Range located in western South America is the second highest mountain and longest in the world that is bordered with several South American countries including Chile and Peru. Many people visit this place because there are cultural and Machu Picchu sites where the monument is an interesting place to visit which was the result of a royal Inca civilization in the mountains of Peru which is also making its way around the mountain road in the early 13th century up to the Andes Mountains.

The Andes is a mountainous area located around the Pacific Ring of Fire. This mountainous part of Andes Mountain in the east of Ring of Fire is part of the dangerous part of active volcano in the western side of Pacific Ring of Fire. The danger of this active mountain located in the East of the Ring of Fire did not discourage explorers to visit this place. Natural hazards around the Andes Mountain is an earthquake although landslide is also incurred.

earthquake of the andes

Underneath the Andes, there are oceanic and continental tectonic plates which are the Nazca plate and Antarctic plate beneath South America plate where their movement of the Nazca and part of the Antarctic plates subducted beneath South American plate. The movement of the subducting of the Nazca Plate to beneath plate of South America has happened since millions of years ago. The movement of tectonic plates continues to this day and produces large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Earthquake Generated Decrease on Mountain

The earthquake generated from the movement of the tectonic plates in this region has lasted millions of years which resulted in the longest and highest mountains of the Andes after Tibet. However, the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 has led to the Himalayan heights to be reduced. Likewise, the earthquake of the Andes Mountains which is the location vulnerable to earthquake, the earthquake could cause a decline in the mountain heights. The process of landslide was caused by the earthquake such as the earthquake in Chile in 2011. The Chile earthquake in 2011 has resulted in five active volcanoes in the Andes.

In addition to the Tibetan and the Andes, active volcanoes in Japan have been experiencing a decline after the Tohoku earthquake of 9 Magnitude in 2011. Most of the peaks in the Andes Mountains are active volcanoes which are making it prone for earthquake of the Andes. In addition to Peru and Chile, the countries which are passed by the Andes Mountains are Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentine.

Mostly the largest earthquake in the world such as 1960 Chilean earthquake was because of the movement of the tectonic plates of subducting Nazca plate below the South American plate that also created the longest mountain range of the Andes. All around the world, the large earthquakes were triggered along the Ring of Fire which the super volcanoes have been created since millions of years ago.

The tectonic plate of Nazca was responsible for the earthquake in Chile in 1960. It was the longest tectonic plates that subducting under another tectonic plate. However, a place like Haiti was unfortunate because there has not been a strengthened structure built for the residents who lived in the city around the epicenter of the earthquake that hit the Haiti in 2010.

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