Is Earthquake Prediction Possible?

earthquake prediction

It is logical in historical past period that most of earthquakes were happened without warnings. The source of earthquake really happened in depth of the ground. Although seismologists have already predicted that quake could be happened in a nation, it was not possible to predict the time. The earthquake prediction was really unreal since that there have not been any ways of predicting.

earthquake prediction

Any ways of predicting earthquakes could be a way to know when earthquakes would be happening. As far as it was mentioned, the Nepal earthquake in April 2015 has been predicted but there could not be an accurate time resulted from the prediction by the experts.

The prediction was explained through such any measuring and calculation about the exact time, location, and potential power of earthquake to be quantified. It then was used by the seismologist before Nepal earthquake happened in 2015, the study has been released in 2008 that across Himalayan Tibetan Mountain, earthquake was due to happen. It was then in 2015, the earthquake was taking place that shook the Nepal region, India and bordering nation in the north and south of Nepal nation.

The lengthiest fault line in California called San Andreas Fault zone was a scary example. There could be a prediction towards this fault zone that the big earthquake can happen. The last earthquake in this fault zone happened in 1906 which was called 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The earthquake caused more than 80 percents of destruction in the SF city. In this era of advance of technology, there should be more accurate way to know about earthquake will come.

Predicting earthquakes have been centered on projecting which means predicting the times. However, this era has brought us to a more advancing ability to use a device to detect on any earthquakes. Eventually that may result in a lesser effects on humans and surroundings than without any ways.

Issues of Forecasting Earthquakes

In this modern time, there has been a way of detecting earthquake using electromagnetic device that is used to separate the electromagnet from the electric device or from the fault. A number of locations in the world could be more prone to seismic activities due to most earthquakes happened in the plate boundary as well as in the fault. There are nations that are located in plate boundaries or in a fault zone.

The earthquakes really could not be predicted as it was well related with seismic processes such as tectonic plates that gradually move in a phase of some centimeters a year. That is something that could not be predicted when the stress caused by the rubbing of the tectonic plates can result in shock waves that tremble the lands.

Large earthquakes can happen in the ocean or in the land such as in a thrust fault or in a new fault line. In the past times, the earthquakes were not able to be predicted. It might have been in fact a major attention for the seismologists because those earthquake prediction might be estimated on when the tensions were greater in force that could break the rocks underground resulting in earthquakes.

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