What Is In Earthquake Preparedness Kit?


Earthquake preparedness kit is something which is really important to have mainly if you live in an area with history of earthquake. Indeed, not all places have so many experiences of earthquake. And even if you think your place is safe enough, preparing such a thing is not bad at all. This is largely due to the fact that we can never predict what will happen in the unforeseeable future. Maybe the area you are living in do not have an extreme list of violent earthquake in the past, but this does not necessarily mean you are 100-percent free from the disaster. More so when you keep in mind the fact that the earth’s plates keep moving and over time, it may result in earthquakes. This is the reason why we must always be prepared. We may not have the ability to stop earthquakes from happening, but we can ensure our level of preparedness in the event of emergencies. One of the best way to ensure it is by having earthquake survival kit prepared. So, what must we prepare? The most important thing is where we will package the stuff then. Make sure you have a backpack or bag that is rarely used but still in a good condition. The backpack is basically used to load the stuff and then they are so-called the earthquake preparedness kit.


You may wonder what the stuff or things those are prepared at once in one kit. The most important thing is surely regarding the first aid including those to cure the wounds. Yes, they are the cure wound, bandage, plaster, and probably cotton. Besides, there must also be some kinds of drugs as the first aid when there are people who suffer from sickness like fever or diarrhea. Don’t forget your sanitation package like soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste. If yo think they are necessary, make sure also to have flashlight and radio in the backpack. Well, whether you believe or not, money is also really important here.

But are those the only things we should prepare? Of course not. There is no denying the importance of prescription medicines, first aid kits containing bandage, tapes, and many more as well as extra cash, but as important as they are, there is still quite a long list of supplies you must have in your survival kit backpack. The medicines and first aid kits are valuable essentials to help with any injury sustained from the disaster or in the case you fall sick during evacuation, but money? During the first few days after the earthquake has happened, money cannot be used to buy food as stores are most likely also affected. With that being said, making sure you have the proper amount of supplies on food and water to consume until things get back to normal and stores to open is very important. As for the water, you must at least prepare a gallon of water per day for one person; both food and water should be enough to last you for at least 7 days.

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