Earthquake Sf Today And The Faults


All people should know about the reason of earthquake SF today and also in many other time. Actually, most earthquakes occur as long as the plate boundaries. Besides, those locations are also mostly the area of mountain building or where the activities of volcano occur. In the typical areas, which are commonly called as the earthquake belts, are more likely to earthquakes shaking.


The Ring of Fire Earthquake Belt

One of the earthquake belts walk to the north passing the western side of the Pacific Ocean, through the Aleutian Islands, as well as get down to the western beaches of the North and South America. The earthquake belt is also including the San Francisco Bay Area faults and the belt is also known as the Ring of Fire.

The Major Earthquake Fault in San Francisco

The major earthquakes was experienced by the San Francisco in the year of 1906 and 1989. It occurred for the area is situated along the fault of San Andreas. Yet, the geologist concern most to the Hayward Fault because it is the Bay Area’s major fault systems. The fault extend nearly 40 miles between the Fremont and San Pablo Bay. It also runs beneath some areas with heaviest sums of populations.

On the areas, it also sits the school’s, major gas lines, BART and also trauma centers. They all sit on the belt and close to the fault. The Hayward Fault is the main candidate for a magnitude 7 shake in Northern California that is predicted occur among 30 years later.

In the areas close to the fault, some cracks and also deformed curbs have been observed by geologists on the streets and sidewalks. Those are the creep evidence; the slow movement phenomenon on the ground surface.

It still occurs although the deep beneath the rock surface is still on the first location. Once the stuck rock builds up the tension sufficiently, the fault will rupture or slipping, so it causes a great earthquake.

The Hayward Fault was shaking to be a major earthquake in 1868. It was over 140 years ago and became major earthquakes during the history.

The Preparedness to the Shakes

Because the area has the major earthquake fault that can cause earthquake SF today or anytime within the 30 years, many researches are done for Bay Area of San Francisco. You also can see the interactive exhibit in the Academy.

It explores the forces of seismic that brings great impact to the people today. Besides, it also features the earthquake simulator named Shake House.

On the other hand, the people are also educated about how they can do the best things to save their soul from the earthquakes as well as the effects. It is important to know that saving your soul from the shakes is not only by running to the outside home. Hiding under the triangle of safe zone of earthquake or stay under a strong table will also help you safe from the shakes.

There are many more things to learn about saving life from earthquakes and you should know some of them well to prepare earthquake SF today or later.

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