earthquake survival kit

What is the Earthquake Survival Kit?

Earthquake survival kit is probably something that is really important but not all of us already prepare it. Undeniably, not all people are living in an area of disaster-prone indeed. However, it doesn’t mean we don’t need it. As a reminder, earthquake can be happened anywhere and anytime even without we guess before. Based on that fact, why don’t we start to prepare the kit just from now. The survival kit for earthquake is actually not that difficult to find and keep. You may need to provide a backpack and put all the stuff there. If there is something terrible like earthquake happen, the backpack must be the thing that you look for and bring firstly.


earthquake survival kit

So, what are the things that must be on the survival kit backpack for earthquake? The first aids for wounds like plaster cure wounds, cotton, and bandage must be there. Besides, you must not forget other kinds of drugs to consume to cure some diseases like fever, diarrhea and others. Of course, they are not enough. You must also prepare some other things like sanitation and personal hygiene items, flashlight, water, the copies of personal documents, and even cell-phone and radio. Make sure you that the earthquake survival kit is completely prepared in one package even when the situation is already safe.

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