Safety And Preparation For Earthquake In Los Angeles Today


Monitoring the Earthquake Today in Los Angeles is not enough without preparing yourself well to gain the safety in case the big shakes happen. Los Angeles is called as an Earthquake Country because it sits between the fault lines and the shifting plates. That is why you have to prepare yourself about the safety and preparation to survive in quakes.


Communication Preparation

During the earthquake, you need to run good communication to family members, friends, as well as the neighbors. You must determine someone who has to always keep in touch and also collect others. Always update your phone list including the contacts of emergency services and doctors.

Understand Your Home Well

Find to know the position of the water and gas mains as well as the electrical boxes at your home. Knowing their location well will ease you to find and turn off them in emergency. Besides, you also should know whether your home has the safe zones where you and family can crawl down during the earthquakes. Identify the areas that are thin and tucked away.

Duck and Cover to Protect During Earthquake

It is a classic but quite effective to protect you from injuries for earthquakes. You only need to use your arms to protect your head and then crawl to a desk as long as the quakes. Running to the doorway is commonly done by people, but it is riskier since you may get hit by glass or hanging structures.

  Being on the Road during Shakes

After you feel an Earthquake Today in Los Angeles, then it is ok to be on road during the tremors. Treat your car like a home to become a preparation to the earthquake. You need to complete the supplies inside the car including water, first aid kit, etc. So, you can use the car as the second home during earthquake.

Prepare the Survival Items for Earthquake

In case to the stopped activity and life of the people during earthquakes, you should make sure that you still can stay alive during the emergency period. Then you need to prepare the survival items to be survived in such condition. The items are including the canned goods and the manual can opener, bottled water in case to the toxic or main break of water after earthquake, portable radio, flashlight, extra batteries, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and book, matches, smoke detector, portable stove, temporary toilets and heavy duty shoes.

Advanced Preparation to Earthquake

The more advanced preparation can be made in order to make you more comfortable after big earthquake. It will help you to survive in the difficult condition. The preparation could be including the traditional power generator, solar power generator, water treatment, septic tank composting toilet and also hybrid car power hookup.

The advanced preparation also needs advance capability and finance. However, it will make you ready to the difficult situation of earthquake; even for a longer period. So you can survive until you get some helps and fixed situation from the emergency services.

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