Earthquake Disaster List On February 2017


The earthquake usually had caused by the rock underground that suddenly broke that derived from the certain fault. This becomes the sudden release that cause the seismic wave which make the ground shake. When the 2 blocks or 2 plates were rubbing and against each other, they would stick a little as well. They cannot slide smoothly that the rocks will catch each other. The rocks still push each other, but they do not move. After for a while, the rock will broke because all of the pressure that had been built. When the rock was broke, the earthquake may occur. When the earthquake and aftershock, the plate will start moving and they will keep it until they are not trap. The spot underground where the rock was broken can be called as the earthquake’s focus. The place that placed above the focus called as the epicenter of earthquake. You may wonder about earthquake today near me, but it is all about the prediction that made by scientist. The prediction is unable give you exact time or exact proper location about the earthquake. However, the predictions will give the warned that can minimize the bigger risk.

What are causes of earthquake?

The shaking motion from the earthquake was the result of sudden release of the energy. The earthquake can be caused by stress that built the rocks inside f earth’s crust which had released in sudden time. The rocks will crack and slip each other then cause the vibrate ground. This is one of the causes of earthquake that usually happen. This is caused by the natural process.

The crack that along with the rock slips was called as the faults. They might break through the surface ground or going deeper within the earth as well. The earthquake usually rarely takes on the surface of earth, but, in several depths inside. However, the focus depth usually shallow and had been detected within 720 km. There are classifications of depth that becomes the focus earthquake, they are: shallow when the dept within less of 60 km, intermediate when the depth within 60 and 300 km and the deep is classified when the depth is over than 300 km.


There are several earthquake disaster that occur within February, 2017:

  1.  In Nw Zealand, on Sunday

–   Location  : in the west coasts of South Island from New Zealand.

–  The magnitude  : 5,1

–  The depth  : 5.0 km

–  The nearest volcano: Taranaki (923 km)

  1.  In West Chile Rest, on Sunday

–  Location  : West Chile Rise.

–  The magnitude  : 4.9

–  The depth  : 10.0 km

–  The nearest volcano: Calbuco (2083 km)

  1.  In Turkmenistan

–  Location  : 20 km of gumday, Turkmenistan

–  The magnitude  : 4.8

–  The depth  : 10.0 km

–  The nearest volcano: Lokbatan  (453 km)

  1.  In Chile Bolivia Border Region

–  Location  : Tarapaca, Chile.

–  The magnitude  : 4.8

–  The depth  : 130.0 km

–  The nearest volcano: Aucanquilcha (33 km)

That is the list of earthquake today near me.

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