Earthquake In Palm Springs Today


You may wonder earthquake today Palm Springs, where are places that mostly get the earthquake attacks. Most of the earthquake usually happens in along of edge from oceanic and the continental plates. The crust in the earth that becomes the outer layer of this planet derived from several pieces that called as the plates. He plates under the oceans was known as the oceanic plates. The plates that move in around with the motion that deeper from the earth or mantle which lies underneath the crust.

These plates usually crush each other, then pulling theirselves or crossing each other. These plates usually move that same as your fingernails is grown, the earthquake usually happen where the two plates crossing each other or slipping each other.


There 2 types of earthquakes, they are:

  • The earthquakes that caused by tectonic plate.

The theory about tectonics plates explained about how the crust had been made from several plates, huge area of crust that had floated on the mantle. Because of these plates were free to move slowly, they can float toward each other, move away each other or sliding each other as well. Most of earthquake was happened in the location where the plates was slide each other.

The major earthquake usually had begun with the period from changed activity. This is may lead the small vibration that more frequent as the rock start to move, this is called as the foreshock. Following the main shake, it may follow by the further shock that known as the foreshock.

  • The earthquake that caused by volcanoes.

The volcano earthquake is more common than the tectonic plates related. They had triggered by the explosive eruption from the volcano. When the volcano mountain had exploded, it had associated with the earthquake as the effects and usually confined the area around 16-32 km from the base location.

The volcano may explode violently as they produced the acid lava. The acidic lava is very quickly when had contacted with the air. This is make the volcano’s vent get the chokes and blocked the pressure’s escape as well. the one way to remove the blockage is building up the pressure until explode outward. The volcano will blow up in the direction from the weakest point, so this is not always going upward. The incredible level from this pressure is able to prude the huge earthquake with the considerable magnitude.

Several earthquakes that occur in Palm Spring:

You may wonder about earthquake today palm springs. But, for today there is no earthquake in Palm Springs. But some earthquake had been occurred in the locations near Palm Spring that also affected it as well, they are:

  • In Borrego Springs, California, US.

–  Magnitude  : 1.8

–  Time  : Friday, February 09,  2017

–  The depth  : 10 km.

  • In the East Hemet, California, US

–  Magnitude   : 2.0

–  Time  : Wednesday, February 08, 2017

–  The septh  : 7 km

  • 12 km from the Big Bear Lake, California, US

–  Magnitude  : 1.5

–  Time  : Wednesday, February 08, 2017

–  The depth  : 8 km

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