Science Of Earthquakes For Kids

Credit: UN Photo/Marco Dormino
Credit: UN Photo/Marco Dormino

Education of earthquake for kids. The precaution steps when earthquake strike when you have a family firstly is to watch for kids and order them to follow the older steps. When kids are near the table, hide and hold under the table. When the table moves, kids can hold it and they are still under the table for protection. It’s not to fall in the fault lines. In case the earthquake is big, there will be aftershocks. Your family can also prepare for earthquake survival kit to be more prepared when earthquake happen.

The earthquake facts for kids is that the earth exterior is shaped through natural processes of different occasion. Land damage, landslide, tectonic events such as earthquakes are parts that shape the form of exterior in outer surface of our earth. Outer surface of the earth is actually not matured. This earth ground has been shaped periodically since the tectonic processes that produced volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural processes.

Relevant Information on Earthquake for Kids

Earthquakes are posing dangerous disaster for kids. The earth has four layers. The outer of earth’s layer is crust. Because the mantle which is the part under the crust is burned by the magma inside the internal core and external core of earth, the burned part of rocks move up into the crust and move like floating. The crust is eventually divided into large chunks of rocks to be called of tectonic plates like a puzzle. The tectonic plates gradually move about some centimeters a year creating tensions to be saved and eventually released in amount greater that the rocks could actually keep it. The inside of the earth is lived with earthquakes and volcanoes developing along the tectonic plate boundaries. The outcome of geologic process in our earth (volcanic eruptions and earthquakes), our earth exterior has fewer craters than the exterior of other planets such as Mercury and Venus. Each crater has gone through wind blows or water falls for about hundred thousand years in the past.

Naturally geologic process in the earth caused earthquakes to be produced by movement of earth’s tectonic plate. Although volcanic eruptions and meteor fall produce earthquake, the most cases of earthquake in the world happen in plate boundary. The earthquakes happen because there is rupture on the fault line.

earthquake in Alaska

The earthquake in Alaska within 1964 was the greatest in the history of the US. A 9.2 magnitude earthquake struck Prince William Sound in Alaska on the day of 28 March. The epicenter was 10 kilometers of one of colleges in the location. The quake happened in the afternoon as the schools were closed and most of people had come back.

90 percents of the casualties by the Alaska quake were caused by tsunami. The seismic wave that travels in the land caused many unwanted outcomes when earthquake happens. The dangerous hazard of earthquake is tsunami. It is an ocean wave surged by the earthquake in the ocean caused huge sea wave to be sweeping the land near the coastline.

Education of earthquake for kids is important as earthquakes can happen anytime. As the quake happen, there can be a fault line or the land can move. The large part of structures can fall in town, city or metropolis. There will also be earthquake as sign of volcano eruption. It can be in weeks or even months before the volcano erupt.

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