The Largest Earthquakes In The World

Indonesian earthquake 2004

There were devastating earthquakes of the world in human past history. There were the largest and the most dangerous earthquakes of all times. Here is the list of among the biggest earthquake based on how earthquakes are measured in magnitude in history since last century of 1900. There was the power of ranging from the largest of more than 9 magnitude to a minimum of 7 magnitude. There were more than one earthquakes in 9 magnitude that were considered the worst in this century.

1.  Chile, Valdivia, 22 May 1960 : 9.5 Earthquake

It was recorded as the biggest earthquake in the world. It had killed 1655 people, injured 3000 people and abandoned 2 million individuals. In 1960, there was already system to recorded the magnitude in Richter Scale, so that people at that time knew that the strength of the earthquake.

2. Alaska, 28 March 1964 : Magnitude 9.2

This happened in 1964 and killed 128 individuals. There was loss of properties worth 311 million dollars. Tsunami was triggered and the tsunami tide reached 67 meter that swept across the low land called Valdez in the shoreline. The earthquake that happened in Anchorage damaged Alaska bay and earthquake in Prince William Sound triggered landslide in Anchorage

3. Indian Ocean Quake, 26 December 2004 : Magnitude 9.1-9.3 

Earthquake in 2004 was caused by the lengthiest fault documented of more than 900 miles. The cracks on the ground in subduction zone that was caused by the land fallen and trembled to trigger tsunami tide wave and sweep across north Sumatra, Bangkok as well as the nations around Indian Ocean. The length was considered to be 100 feet long. This earthquake happened in Alpide belt.

Indonesian earthquake 2004

The cause of the hazards of earthquake was that “mega thrust” in which Indian tectonic plates pushed under Burma plate. Indonesia was losing at minimum of 170.000 to 230.000 lives.

That earthquake that occurred in the depth of Indian ocean was measured at 9.1-9.3 or over 32 giga ton ad generated Tsunami. This was recorded as among the biggest earthquake incorporated with tsunami. The hazards caused by the earthquake also occurred in Thailand and Maldives. The total loss was estimated at 7 billion dollars through a devastating earthquake within 8 to 10 minutes.

4. Japan, East of Honshu, 11 March 2011 : 9.0 Magnitude

There was a devastating earthquake occurred in eastern part of Honshu Island, Japan. The tsunami was produced that killed more than ten thousand people and wrecked the Fukushima atomic reactors. There was the biggest quake in Japan history. The actual number of the casualties reached 15.890 lives, and 6000 more got injured. About a hundred thousand structures were flattened. There were four atomic reactors that failed to cool down and result in the explosion of the atomic reactors. This Japan earthquake occurred in the Ring of Fire.

This was regarded as 5th largest quake in the world. The hazards caused the earthquake were tsunami further devastating and damaging on landscape, many flames in a lot of places and finally the breakdown of atomic reactions.

5. Chile, 27 February 2010 : 8.8 Magnitude

With the power of 8.8 magnitude earthquake, Chile was able to reduce its devastating effect due to their experience in the past decades event of earthquake. There was around 500 deaths, 12.000 injured, and 800.000 abandoned as well as billion dollars valued loss. It happened in Concepcion area.

6. Sichuan, China, 5 May 2008 : 7.9 Magnitude

The worst earthquake that hit Chine nation caused more than 65.000 deaths. This was regarded as the most dangerous quake since the year of 1976. This made the government loss of money to rebuild the devastated area estimated to be around one hundred and forty billion dollars.

7. Nepal, 25 April 2015 : 7.8 Magnitude

It took place in Kathmandu the main city of Nepal. It happened to be the second worst disaster after the quake struck in 1934. It took lives of around 9.000 people.

8. Port Au Prince, Haiti, 12 January 2010 : 7 Magnitude

The Haiti Quake was measured at 7 magnitude. Its core was 25 km western side of the capital city, Port Au Prince. This quake wiped out around 250.000 individuals and damaged 30.000 structures. There were 50 aftershocks.

This is the list of the largest earthquakes of the world. Can you answer for the question? Where do the most earthquakes occur?

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