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Seattle is indeed a city that sometimes hit by the earthquakes. There was one big earthquake rocks Seattle in 2001. This article will share the information about earthquakes today Seattle. But before that, let’s see about one of the biggest earthquakes happens in Seattle. This major earthquake rocks Seattle is considered as the ‘big one’ since it caused many damages, injuries and loses.


Major earthquake ever happened in Seattle

On February 28th, 2001, there was a tremor happened in Seattle. The earthquake that has magnitude of 6.8 shook the Emerald City. For 45 seconds after that, the earthquake happened in western Washington State. It was just enough time to cause damage more than $1 billion. The earthquake had sent thousands of people left homeless. Many offices and schools also damaged and collapsed.

But fortunately, even though the earthquake was considered as one of the biggest earthquake ever recorded in Seattle, hours after 10.54 am, there was only one report found of a fatality. It was surprisingly shocked since the earthquake was strong enough to cause significant injuries and damages. Many people also were injured because of it.

The one victim because of it was a 66-year-old woman. She was from Burien where it is a suburb of Seattle nearby the airport. She died of a heart attack after the earthquake rocked Seattle. The local officials said that he was the first fatality marked that was confirmed after the temblor. But in the earlier report before it, the victim identified as a man. There were no other details anymore available.

The officials of Seattle said that there were around 25 people who treated in many local hospitals in Seattle. They were injured and in serious condition since they were crushed by debris. Meanwhile the hospitals in Olympia reported that they treated about 35 victims. This earthquake was the first Seattle big quake after a 6.5 Richter scale rocked Seattle on April 29th, 1956. And in 1949, a 7.1 magnitude quake killed eight residents.

Today’s earthquake report in Seattle

Now let’s see the report from Geologist about today’s earthquake in Seattle. There was no earthquake in the last 24 hours. There was one earthquake rocked in Seattle in the past 30 days. For the past 356 days, there were 57 earthquakes recorded. The largest earthquake recorded happened in Seattle Tacoma Area, Washington.

Earthquakes today Seattle report:

  • This month there was 2.6 Richter scale in Fircrest, Washington, U.S.
  • This year there was 2.9 Richter scale in Lakeland South, Washington, U.S
  • 23 days ago there was 2.6 Richter scale with 12 km depth rocked Fircrest, Washington, U.S.
  • A month ago there was 1.6 Richter scale with 5 km depth rocked Enumclaw, Washington, U.S.
  • A month ago there was 1.6 Richter scale with 19 km depth rocked Issaquah, Washington, U.S.
  • A month ago there was 1.5 Richter scale with 16 km depth rocked Lofall, Washington, U.S.
  • About two months ago there was 1.5 Richter scale with 13 km depth rocked Mapple Valley, Washington, U.S.

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