Ecuador Earthquake In 2016

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An Ecuador earthquake was 7.8 that has struck in Ecuador and killed over 600 people. The earthquake occurred on Saturday, the 16 April 2016 at 4:58 pm Pacific Time or about 8pm night at the local time. The earthquake was considered as a large earthquake within a short depth. Ecuador Quake has collapsed buildings and damaged towns.

The number of victims could be more because the affected area is located near to population areas exactly on port cities and towns for fishing. For the injured people, that could reach hundreds and the fear of the damage could spread in several major cities and the capital. Residents who live in Pedernales near the epicenter reached 40 thousand inhabitants.

This earthquake was listed as the largest quake in the history of the country of Ecuador. An earthquake has been worse in 1979 that killed about more than a thousand people. This was the biggest quake since that time.

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According to findings, the earthquake occurred in a depth of approximately 12 miles or around 20 km. There was a shock wave felt for about 30 seconds in the capital area of Ecuador which is Quito.

Ecuador is a country that is located on the north coast of South America countries bordered with Columbia and Peru. The capital of Ecuador, Quito, is located at an altitude of the Andes mountains which is the distance from the earthquake is 105 miles or more than 150 km from the epicenter.

The epicenter was located not far from a small town of Muisne as the distance is only 27 kilometers or 16 miles renowned for the city for tourists who go for fishing.

The 2016 Ecuador earthquake was a series of deadly earthquakes that have occurred in some isles in Japan in the measure of 6.5 and 7.3 magnitude earthquakes that caused 41 deaths and more than 100 houses being collapsed.

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According to the Pacific Tsunami early warning, there were signs of a tsunami at a distance of more than 100 km from the epicenter, but later statement allegedly by the pacific tsunami warning center that there were no tsunami danger signs. However, there was a threat that posed by the danger of tsunami that has been announced in the area of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru as well as Panama.

In addition, there were many buildings collapsed and the tower fallen on an airport in the city of Manta. In some parts of the capital, the people have experienced a loss of electricity sources and telephone services. And mostly, they communicated using WhatsApp. Many posted on social media showing the state of the damage in the shopping center that was the breakdown of the walls inside the shopping mall.

Type of Ecuador Earthquake

Earthquake in Ecuador was a geological fault movement typically thrust fault. The largest city which is Guayaquil was facing a great amount of destruction as its distance from the epicenter was 300 kilometers. The quake was believed that the 7.8 magnitude Ecuador earthquake was 20 times greater than approximately 7.0 magnitude Saturday’s Japan earthquake. The flattened houses and buildings have trapped people that thousands have been injured in Saturday quake. Many victims could be killed in the flattened houses and under the rubbles.

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