Explain The Main Cause Of Earthquakes And Their Effects


Let’s explain the main cause of earthquakes and their effects. Earthquake is one of the common disasters that are probably experienced by us. It is undeniably really terrifying by remembering the number of victims caused by this phenomenon. However, maybe there are still few among us who know well why the earthquake is happened. Well, even if we are not intended to be a geologist or something, it is actually important to know about it. Here are then the explanation related to the earthquake. Check them out.

 The Main Causes of Earthquake


If we see it from the perspective of science and geology, earthquake has two main causes. The most common is namely the tectonic earthquake. Tectonic earthquake is a phenomenon of energy releasing that causes dislocation or movement on the earth plate in sudden. When the stress of energy releasing is getting bigger, there will be a condition in which the stress cannot be handled anymore by the edge of the plate. At this point, the earthquake will happen and it is felt by the people lived in the surface of the earth. In general, the earthquake is occurred on the edges between the plates. For the bigger risk, the movement is done by the compression and translational plates.

The movement of earth’s plate is not the only reason why earthquake is happened. Another cause is due to the movement of magma inside the volcano. Such an earthquake can be an indication for another disaster which is not less dangerous, it is the volcanic eruption. Many volcanoes are probably classified as the passive ones. However, it doesn’t mean that people around should be too relieved. There is the fact that inactive volcanoes actually have been saving the energy that can be released later. It means that the effects including the earthquake caused will be bigger as well.

This last cause is actually an irony. Yes, earthquake can also be happened due to the human errors. As you know, there are now many mining activities using tools which are quite risky. Particularly for the big-scale mining activities, they can cause disaster like earthquake with scale as big as the natural ones. Therefore, more supervision from the government is very important to prevent this matter.

The Effects of Earthquake

The earthquake whether it is naturally occurred or due to the human error of course has some negative effects. Indeed, it commonly still depends on how big the scale of the earthquake itself. The shake can cause the buildings and houses collapse. When it is happened suddenly while people no longer have a chance to save themselves, there will be so many death and injury victims. For the states or countries that experience this matter, there will be so much financial loss. Unfortunately, earthquake can also cause other disasters like the aftershocks, Tsunami, and also landslide. So, what must we do? There is nothing except try to predict the earthquake as accurate as possible. Meanwhile, some companies in which their activities deal with the earth directly should be very careful and under the government supervision. So, those are to explain the main cause of earthquakes and their effects anyway.

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